Recommendations for building an AR-15

I’m a bit worried with the direction our nation could be heading after this upcoming election. Due to this, I’ve been curious in how I could build my own AR-15. Does anyone have a recommendation on kits to buy or where to start researching building my own AR-15?

I’m glad there’s a community like this one. Happy to be part of it. But I’m fairly worried about our potential breakdown of the country, no matter the “results” of the election this November.

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Building an AR is not hard, but you do need to know where all the parts go. I would start by getting a good build book or two and go from there. Also, be advised, parts availability is very limited right now. A good one is AR-15 builders guide available on Amazon. I have not seen one that doesn’t give the basics for building. If you run into issues with the rifle or have questions on parts compatibility it’s probably better to reach back out to a community such as this. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Welcome to the family and you are blessed to be here.

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Check this thread out (will have to scroll up to read from post #1) There is a lot of information in a number of threads started around that time frame First AR 556/223 - #18 by Craig6

Also look at do a search for AR-15 upper and lower assembly.