Appendix carry - how safe?

They put elastic in jeans these days. :rofl:


Just a suggestion look at Sneaky Pete holsters. Have used them for 3 years and only two people questioned what is it which I responded it was my insulin pump, With a little practice you can draw one handed without taking a other hand to lift a shirt. If you do not see your gun listed contact them and give them the dimensions and they may have one that works. They did that for my Sig 322. They have holsters for full size guns if you do not want to carry a sub sized compact gun,


Still, be cautious

Firearms do discharge while being holstered withOUT finger on it

Guns can even discharge while they are in the holster


Thanks @Jerzees. That is all still up in the air as far as what to carry and what to keep it in. That’s part of why i asked this question.

I know a lot of folks carry aiwb and i can see the advantages of draw speed. I’m guessing something on the medium size for a firearm is where I’ll settle. Bigger than a p365 but not a full size 1911 and i have been looking at vedder holsters. Though maybe sneaky pete might be one to look at too. I expect like the rest of you I’ll have a box full of holsters soon enough.


There was a point in time in my concealed carry journey that I wondered the same thing. Is it safe? Now I carry appendix 90 percent of the time. I have never had any mishaps, such as a gun going off on its own and shooting my testacies. Most of the time when you hear of an incident like that happening is carrier error.


Everything is about mental preparedness and training.
Carrying the firearm always comes with compromising something - safety, speed, comfort.
Unfortunately you cannot have all 3 together at the level you’d like to have.
But, chosing the proper hardware for the application rises the level of every factor.

It takes time to find what is good and / or what doesn’t work at all.

1911 / 2011 pistol with max 4" barrel is the best choice for me.
Holster has be equipped with clips that allow to change how high it sits.
Ratchet belt allows to be loosened and tightened on the fly so you can adjust it depending on what you’re doing at the moment.

Because AIWB is not a perfect solution for each of 365 days… I also carry OWB (9 o’clock) .
Work, weather, activities dictate which carry method is better.


I have a bit of a belly and in the beginning, it was uncomfortable but after carrying for a while and deciding on a holster it worked out for me.


Gun Owners’ First Commandment:

  • know your firearm and its conditions all the time

There’s no place for overconfidence or lack.
That’s why we train…


I don’t appendix carry but having a trigger safety, the little trigger on a trigger, is a must in my mind. I don’t think there isn’t a part of the body that is less important than another.

I carry at about 2:30 or 3 because of a shoulder injury won’t let me go back further. The only problem I’ve had with OWB is ripping out belt loops on my jeans. I haven’t bought any jeans designed for IWB or OWB because I just can’t get myself to pay over $100 for a pair of jeans. Can anybody comment on those?


Jealous! What’s your secret? (And don’t say diet and exercise :melting_face:)
Looking for a secret elixer…


Yeah, but you STILL have to cinch the belt…

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That second one is a painful classic… :grimacing:

It’s easy when you’re at your target weight already.

I weigh myself EVERY morning and I allow myself a “range” of about 5 lbs. If I’m at, or close to my bottom number I can eat anything I want, in moderation, today. If I’m creeping to the high end it’s a high protein/no carbs couple of days.

I also have a scale with an app on my phone that keeps tabs of EVERYTHING that matters and gives me a graph of trends on every important measurement like BMI and Muscle Mass by using induction.

When I go to my doctor for my checkups I just show him the numbers and he loves the damn thing.

But, if you’re NOT at target weight. Then eats less, exercise more and give up bread, rice and pasta for a few months. OR, give the Carnivore diet a shot. I’ve had friends and family go through impressive changes in very short periods of time and no one can convince me it’s a “diet” when I can eat a whole freaking Tomahawk steak and still lose weight :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s really all there is to it.

Calories in. Limit them. It’s really simple.

May not be easy, but, it’s simple.


Yep Calories Consumed compared to Calories Used…


It IS that simple. To lose weight, calories IN have to be less than calories OUT.


Yep, my wife “strayed” a bit for a while, and when I noticed her getting comfortable buying bigger clothes I sat her down for a hard conversation about personal accountability, all done in love of course.

I told her everyone does the same thing. They see a (donut, ice cream, cake, cookies, bread…) and KNOW they either should not eat it or maybe just eat a much smaller portion that’s what’s in their plates. But they WANT it, so they reach into their bag of “Fvck it”s and pull one out and use it. I told her her bag was now officially empty and there are no refills.



You are a very brave man.


Well, he’s packing, so…


So is she. And she’s hell with a handgun!!!
We are a very respectful and loving family :rofl: