Appendix carry - how safe?

I am still waiting on my license but it shouldn’t be too long now. I’ve been thinking about the best way to carry and I think appendix carry is certainly a top choice. Considering the gun is pointing at some fairly important anatomy, how often have you heard about accidents in this method of carry? Now, I’m not talking about someone just shoving a gun into their waistband. I mean having the right belt, holster molded to the firearm etc…

What are your thoughts?


It’s uncomfortable for some folks because of body build but I’ve been doing it for years. I run nothing but Kydex holsters with a wedge to keep them snug to the body, with the trigger fully enclosed and making sure you are watching your gun back in the holster make it perfectly safe. Lots of practice with an unloaded gun and zero issues. it’s my exclusive mode of carry for the last probably 8 years and I will never go back to OWB.


It’s a matter of individual choice, of course.
But it ain’t for me.
ADs have occurred.


There are parts of my body that I’d rather not have a loaded, condition zero fire arm pointed at, I carry at 4:30.


Depends on just how serious/strict you are about gun safety.
It’s where I carry.

Definitely recommend a quality Kydex holster with wedge, and for me a gel insert where the barrel can rub against the pelvis when sitting.

I’m a big fan of the do it yourself Dr. Sholls Wedge. The gel padding between your pelvis bone and the holster causes the pressure point on the bone to be spread out over a much larger area, and keeps the holster from digging in when bending, making the holster totally comfortable. Only problem I had with the gel is that it’s real “grippy” against skin when inserting or removing the holster. I remedied that by attaching cloth to the grippy (silcone) side using hot melt glue. Now the holster slides in/out easily, without bunching up.

Thanks to @Larry130 for turning me on to this hack!



As long as your physiology doesn’t change, you’ll be golden. Those beer bellies be a bitch! (Not actually beer in my case, but I’m starting to dig in at the battle of the bulge.) :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Tons of good articles out there on the topic, without bias.

My bias is that I don’t want my or anyone else’s firearm aimed at my privates or my legs. Not ever.


Your bias is legit. (It only takes one screw up…)


I’d be more afraid of AD putting the firearm in the holster than while drawing.


In OR out… NO room for a mistake.


For comparison, I carry ~4 o’clock. If I had to, I can reach around the back with my other hand and still use it.


It is one of many ways to carry you will have to try them all out for yourself to see what is comfortable for you. But if you have a belly it will not be comfortable. Also you will learn like most of us you will buy and try all sorts of holsters before settling on what you really like , giving you a box full of holsters. I for one am one of those with a belly so I carry right side 3 o’clock to small of back depending on what I am doing or wearing.


I’m the same way. Rule number one of firearm safety: never point the firearm at something you’re not willing to destroy.


FWIW I find pocket carry in a good holster is what works for me.
Plenty would disagree and that’s OK. You have to go with what works for you.

Every method of carry has good and not so good points. and it’s up to you to train to overcome the not so goods.


I don’t know if it’s because it’s the way that I have always carried but I am much faster from 4:30 than I am from appendix. A friend of mine though carries appendix and I know he has a sub 1 second draw to round in target from appendix. I’ve even joked with him about it.


#1 thing: Always look the gun into the holster/look at the trigger guard area and the top of the holster and everything in between, every time you put the gun in the holster.

I have seen multiple cases of people shot while AIWB including death as the result. There are plenty of cases of behind the hip IWB and OWB getting people shot too but death is much less likely to result


I prefer AIWB. Very comfortable and conceals well. I have appropriate belts and holsters for my Glock 48 (which is fairly long with a 4.17 inch barrel) and Hellcat Pro (3.7 inch barrel).


@EricW - I see your biggest concern is safety.
And this brings important questions - what handgun are you going to carry in appendix position?

So far I heard about 2 negligent discharges in AIWB holster. I don’t want to call them accidental, because each time it happened, the trigger was pressed - meaning it wasn’t caused by handgun’s malfunction.
In both cases it was striker fired handgun without external safeties.

This shows that there is no perfect solution / system / technique. There is always a minimum chance that something bad can happen. However - using proper holster and be mindful definitely minimize the chance that something bad happens.

I asked about handgun you would like to carry AIWB. Using handgun with external safety lever gives huge mental comfort.


Though huge comfort could lead to overconfidence or lack of caution with some people. If someone can forget to make sure that nothing depresses the trigger while holstering they can also forget to make sure the safety is engaged.

Appendix carry isn’t perfectly comfortable for me since I am carrying an extra 10 pounds around and most of that is in my waist. But I do draw a little faster from appendix and I feel it gives me a significant advantage with retention and concealment over other carry positions.

It does require extra caution since the consequences of a negligent discharge are higher from this position. But with proper positioning and movements you can minimize the chances of aiming at the really important parts during the draw and when reholstering. But as with all carry positions it is safest to look the gun into the holster to make sure nothing comes in contact with the trigger.


At this point in my life change is unlikely. I wear the same size jeans I wore in high school and that was a long time ago.