Apparently racism exists here too!

When one speaks out against racism here as I’ve done on the topic of the Proud Boys, I’ve been prevented from replying. The people posting about me were saying, I’m a Marxist, I’ve a problem with being black, and many other accusations that are false. They get to say all of that and I’m not allowed to respond.

I’ve stated who I am, where I’m from, and what I stand for. I’ll repeat myself here. I’m an apartheid survivor from South Africa, and I stand for equality. My life experience has been horrible, but I’ve managed to keep my background not affect what I can achieve in life by working hard and contributing to society wherever I can. For instance, I’ve donated money via yearly concerts in which all revenues go to domestic shelters for victims of domestic violence. I’ve managed to earn 3-degrees (bachelors, masters, and doctorate).

My experience with apartheid is this: firstly, from the age of 12 until 17, I was tortured and my back has been negatively affected. I’ve had 3-back surgeries in the US to try to correct the problem. Secondly, my entire family was murdered; I’m the only male member of my family alive today. When I’ve mentioned my story, I’ve been accused by those whom I believe to be racist, of wanting sympathy! I state the facts so the entire picture is on full display. Thirdly, I’m a US citizen and somehow, according to those allowed to post whatever, I’m to beg and be extremely thankful and fall in line with the right as if I’m not human and I’ve no history! My roots of culture are not void because I’m in the US. I’m proud of where I come from, I’m proud of my people, and I was not born to beg, be abused, and accept injustices that I’ve witnessed and experienced. It seems the moderator caters to those that express the views of the right only; and since I’m not the right, nor the left, I’m quickly undermined.

I’m a big 2A advocate and exercise all of my rights as prescribed in the constitution. I’ve a lot of history, too much to mention here! The reason I’m here is to get legal help should I ever need it, hopefully never!

The problem I have is that other people are allowed to say whatever they want but not me. I’m not the left nor the right. And because I stand against racism, I’m accused of being a dem or a Marxist by someone who knows nothing about me. Why did the moderator sensor my speech but not those who are saying horrible things about me? If this organization treats everyone the same, then it’s not happening with me. And I want the people in charge to be aware of the unequal treatment that has happened to me on this community website!

Also when mentioning what I’ve experienced here in the US with law enforcement it seems that the experience is invalid. When people focus on riots and looting it’s just their way to avoid the bigger picture! The riots and looting are wrong, I concur, but they’re not the problem. The problem is LE routinely treats minorities differently and the even bigger picture is that society has managed to undermine Americans of African descent since this country came into existence.

From slavery, to Jim Crow, to today, there’s a problem that needs to be addressed so there can be a more perfect union. Healthcare, employment, housing, equal opportunities for a healthier community does not exist in the African American community. People have posted that we’ve had Obama, there are blacks in Congress so on and so forth. So it seems if one speaks out against racism I’m the left. As I’ve stated before, I’m neither and all they want to do is put me in a box and then they can feel free to attack because the strategy is left vs right, black vs white, etc. I choose not to play that game.

I’m free to choose my destiny, which is equality and speak the truth whether it hurts the left or right, I don’t care! My experience has shaped who I am and what I stand for, I shouldn’t be discriminated against because of that, or because I wasn’t born here, or because I don’t say that I’m republican.

What I want to know is why are people who say whatever and are republicans are allowed to speak freely while I, as an African, educated here, should not be allowed to reply! It seems there’s a double standard and again like many institutions sometimes it takes for something big to happen and then those in charge will respond. This happened to the NFL and many other organizations when we witnessed the George Floyd murder.

The admission that there’s a different reality for others could not be denied as it had been for many decades by white Americans who live and believe in a different reality; not all, but some! These truths are uncomfortable and paint a picture which makes some feel guilty, some angry, some happy to accept responsibility, some ready to help make equality a reality for all. The constitution should be the key in all of this. There are many issues that need to be addressed: the role judicial has played, the role LE has played and continue to play, the role society plays… everyone should be held accountable for their actions!

The question remains: why am I being discriminated against here when I state facts and the truth? Why are those who call themselves the right allowed to say whatever they want?

Dr. C. Sipho Mabingani

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Well, I will agree that all speech on this site is not equal.

You don’t stand against Racism, you stand against YOUR definition of racism. The United States has done more to end racism and discrimination than any other nation on the face of the earth…to the point that they allow(ed) discrimination against white people.

I take great offense to your comment:

During the race riots of '68 and busing riots of '71 I was beat so many times by blacks simply because I’m white. I have been denied all kinds of jobs because I am white and black and hispanics, NOT EVEN TRAINED in my field got the jobs because of “affirmative action” which is just legal discrimination against white people. So don’t even think that racism is one-way, which is a fallacy that many black racists cling to.

Reality is reality and racism is racism regardless of the color of one’s skin or nationality. And finally, I will say that the democrats are the ones pushing fake racism merely to split the nation apart.

Now!!! lets see if we both get deleted.


If you have new data to disprove the NYT cop watch program, I would love to hear it. But statistically speaking, what youre stating about LE is factually incorrect. You’re ideas and opinions are valued here!


Everyone has been prevented from replying on that thread as it was going off-topic and outside of the Community Guidelines. The thread was closed to give everyone a chance to review the guidelines and to remember the mission of the USCCA Online Community - which is to help everyone learn how to best defend themselves and their loved ones, no matter their background.

I would encourage everyone to review the guidelines and remember the purpose of the Community.


I have no problem with you having an issue with racism, and I’m sure it does exist at some level, however we now have anti-white racism by the very people claiming racism against them and there is no reason for that either, and it helps nothing. Not one white person in America today had anything to do with slavery and very few are racist but we are all being painted with a broad brush and it makes us mad.

Having come from S. Africa you better than anyone understand oppression, and what’s going on here is not oppression and has not been for years.

Also all the talk about systemic racism is countered by some questions, what are the white equivalents too, Affirmative Action, United Negro Fund, BLM, BET, Black History Month, Black only Colleges, and others. And it is difficult to understand the point of view that we are a racist country when we have had a 2 term elected black President, many Black Senators, Congress people, and even a Black Scotus member.

I believe todays current race issues, are due in large part to the racism exhibited by President Obama, followed by a black and liberal white hope that yelling racism will get a different President elected.

I will end by saying that I do understand that racism was at one time a real problem, and there are the occasional racists, and there are occasional police brutality issues, but that there are far more blacks killing blacks for no reason, and no ones rioting or protesting over this huge number of deaths. Finally if the black community today truly is experiencing increased racism and needs things to change, then blacks should quit electing Democrats as they have been leading over the black community for decades, and they have failed to improve the black situation according to blacks.


Who started the racist conversation you are someone else. That just may be your answer.

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You should be proud of who you are and what you have achieved for you have worked hard and you have achieved. You have also seen some bad things and went through it too. I hope great things have come out of this and you continue to enjoy the land you have come to embrace as yours.


You are not being discriminated against here. We all have opinions, yours is just one. We do not agree with your calling us racist, and your assumptions, without fact, are also other points of contention. The Proud Boys, as I pointed out, are not racist. Did you even bother reading my posts and watch the videos?

We all believe in equality here; we have nothing to feel guilty about. I have no responsibility in your theory of systemic or institutional, or any other type of racism you claim exists here. As to your plight, with your educational background and career, it appears you did not suffer the racism you claim is systemic/institutional or otherwise in the USA. You were not oppressed and kept down. You are more successful than most people in the USA, based on your claims.

Many people here are not “Republican”. There are people of all political persuasions, color, creed, religion, gender, sex, etc. The only thing that unifies us is our all being, or learning to be, firearm owners and our belief in our inalienable RKBA. And even with that, there is a wide variety of beliefs on what we are or should be “allowed” in regard to our RKBA.

Meanwhile, you put everyone that does not agree with you into a box and attack them. When you start banging heads, you will get negative feedback, self-fulling prophesy. I do not appreciate being called a racist. I am sure you would also not appreciate it. Your posts paint us all, including you, in a negative light. These threads are open to the entire world, they are not seen only by USCCA members.


I don’t agree with you that the US has done more to end racism than any other country. Have you seen what South Africa did? Also, the definition for racism I’m using is not MINE as you’ve indicated. Affirmative action is a way to have an equal playing ground. I disagree with you in most aspects, but your reality is yours. My experience has been the rep have done more to hurt the AA community. Dem are as guilty, racism is acceptable in the rep party. Right now we’ve a racist president and not one rep will publicly stand against any comments the president makes. We’ll never agree it seems so have a great day!

You are blind to your own racism and falsehoods. As for President Trump being racist… your are just regurgitating the leftist racist garbage. You cannot find ONE verifiable example of of racism by President Trump, BUT you can find many with him working to end racism, even posing with the racists Al Sharton and Jesse Jackson. YOU CAN find verifiable racist actions and comments about Joe Binden and his cronies.


We’ll never agree. Your stance paints a different reality than some experience!

Yeah we saw what south Africa did, they started taking land from white farmers, and murdering the farmers. Tell me where that is currently happening in America? Lastly, it shows aalot that you call this president a racist. Trump has donated more money to historically black colleges than any other politician ever. I can keep going, but you seem to have solidified how you feel.


I’m glad these threads are open to the entire world. I state fact and truths, which are reality! I didn’t put anyone into a box. Rep have for many years denied what has been happening to the African American community and that is a fact. We’ll never agree so have a great day!

So you say. You’re correct in your assessment and analysis. Only your view is accurate!

Perhaps you should study American history, It was Republicans and Christian who fought to end slavery, and in the '50s an '60s it was Republicans and Christians who fought for civil rights while the democrats, almost to a man, fought against both. But you keep on with your own reality.


So in South Africa where whites are a minority and hold 90% of the land, this was done through apartheid and you’re okay with that. Since Trump gave to black colleges, we’re to ignore everything he has said and done? He has outed himself.

This isn’t South Africa, you are comparing apples and oranges-- a liberal’s tactic.


It’s okay. Once again I’m faced by someone in the right that wants to say all kinds of falsehoods. Good day to you!

Still waiting for all that evidence (verifiable, not bits and pieced taken out of context)… Still waiting, Still waiting…


Not one white person had anything to do with slavery, yet the benefits of that put whites where they are with wealth. The legacy is affecting issues of today!

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