Anybody in the same situation as me?

any clues why he has so much fear? sometimes it’s just the anti-gun brainwashing, but sometimes these things have a root in some experience. If you knew what, there might be a time when that conversation could be opened up and possibilities might change.
Not saying it will happen, but sometimes when you can understand and be empathetic with another person’s pain it touches them in a way which sets change in motion.

And… @Patrick47 may be right, it may be all about parental control. But… there may be another root in there somewhere.


Haven’t had your problem specifically but I have family that have gone to the left of center on the matter. It came with a change in friends who are progressives. Because of that we get into the discussion often. What stopped the debate was a post in the paper by our local police chief. Things in California had gotten to the point where home invasions have become a thing. Our local poilce chief told us to consider getting a weapon and even applying for a ccw. He said the average police response time was 7 to 10 minutes in our area. A home invasion lasts 6 minutes. Set your timer on the oven to 6 minutes and ask your spouse to hit you with a pillow for 6 minutes. A lot of bad things can happen in 6 minutes.

It may not work but it will make a reasonable person think. Remember to remind them to look at what the response time was in their area.

I now live in Texas and very few seem to feel like they do in California.


regarding that’s what cops are for question. do a little checking and you will see that the police(cops) have NO obligation to defend you. as well as being many minutes away , if lucky, or hours away- to late to do anything to help.


Police have no fiduciaries to protect anyone that was a Supreme Court decision however; I was giving Roberto some insight from life experiences and I don’t know what you are bringing case law into a discussion.

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Ask them to remove every fire extinguisher in the home because we have firefighters for that. In all seriousness this is much easier said than done but do your best to educate them. Sometimes understanding our world can be complicated but do your best to stand your ground but try and answer any question they have in a polite but educated manner.

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We face many different situations in life that not everyone is going to agree with. The best thing to realize is that it’s your life and her life, live it they way you feel is right for you. Anti gunners live on an ideology not facts and today we must protect ourselves from the dangers all dangers from within. And trust me there isn’t anything stronger than a woman with a gun. I say great job, continue the training and sleeping peacefully!

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I’d be worried about the throwing a Red Flag at you if they get the urge.
Good luck with the relationship.

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