An Ongoing Gripe With S & W

One of their revolvers - the Model 10 M & P - I can remember once being offered in 4" standard (with a high front sight) barrels and 4" heavy-barrel versions with a low ramp sight. Without a doubt, this still remains the best .38 Special out there, but Smith still refuses to update the design by adding an ejector shroud, even after working with Bill Jordan to develop the Model 19, and charges tourist prices for the 10 in their “Classic” catalog section. After the Taurus 856 “Defender” hit the market, I’ve been wanting to see the 10 in a 3 1/2" similar version, but no dice - what sayest thou? FYI


Never had an issue with one, but then I don’t make a practice of knocking perps alongside the ol’ coconut with the barrel of my revolver either, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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On magnum revolvers, there is the possibility, and documented occurrence of the ejector handle screw backing out under heavy recoil. Beyond that, I don’t think it has ever caused any issues. I have a bigger problem with the key lock mechanism, again a problem that presents under heavy recoil, than anything. That’s why I like Ruger revolvers.