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I’m not a particular, avid Ruger aficionado - I resent their abandonment of the Security Six - but I was surprised to see the GP-100 now offered in .44 Special with a (gasp) 5" barrel. How does the GP rate with Smiths, like the 586 and 27?

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Don’t own one. My first thought is it will be a good target gun based on the
weight just like the big frame S&W revolvers. The 44 special can be loaded down more than the 44 mag. It’s not a good or safe idea to load a 357 mag. with 38 special data ( compare ) the load data and see. Same holds true for the 44
magnum.I’m sure it’s a fine revolver but to get the best of both worlds I would get a large frame 44 mag. You can shoot 44 special cases with lighter target loads for the 44 magnum. If your in the mood to rock the house the 44 magnum will do it. When you touch off a full house 44 magnum at the range there ain’t too much doubt what made that unmistakeable bark. I also think 44 special brass would be more expensive and harder to find. My friends talk about getting a new gun and we always say : DONT NEED IT BUT WANT IT. THE ONLY THING THAT CAN Compare with the smell of a new car or a new girl friend is the feel of a new gun


Are you asking about the 5 shot 44 special GP 100 or the 357?

It’s been around 20 years or more since I compared Colt, Smith, and Ruger 357’s and 44 magnums. Plus back then I was much worse with a revolver.

I think the practical differences (for the user) between the current L frames and newer GP100’s are basically the cylinder release and the different trigger action. I think the internal design and componentry, as well as material pros and cons are more academic.

Be careful if you buy used, as it’s my understanding that Smith has had a number of complaints of misaligned barrels (or possibly frames) over the past few years on their L frames. Last time I went into my FFL to look at an L frame, I took my DL out to check for even spacing on each side of the frame’s top grooves in relationship to the barrel to check for abnormal barrel mating.

Currently I own a newer K frame (2.75") and an 80’s Redhawk (7.5") and am very happy with both (although I swapped out the grips for old style Pachmayr’s). However, I would describe the Ruger as having a slightly more uniform pull with a predictable break, while the Smith has more of a surprise break. Although I prefer the Smith’s trigger, the difference isn’t enough for me to really notice while shooting… especially because I don’t stage my trigger when shooting.

If you’re interested in the 4x calibers, you should check out the Ruger Redhawk in 45 ACP. I think they put out a short barrelled 45 (Long) Colt version about 2 or 3 years ago, too.

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Here is my GP100 in .357 mag.

It was designed to digest full power .357 round after round. It is heavy, but extremely accurate. It is as accurate as any L-Frame Smith, or Colt Python. Mine has been shot a lot(lot,lot,lot), so the trigger is very smooth. I carry mine in the woods, and during deer season. A 180 grain hardcast, at 1400 FPS (Thanks Underwood) will cleanly penetrate an Illinois White Tail without any trouble. You do your job, and this hunk of Ruger Stainless will do its job.
Shot back to back with a 686 Smith, the Ruger won’t wear you out as fast shooting full house, flame throwers like the Smith will.


I got a S&W 625. Once In a while i load it up hot. It’s is 42ozs. Dead balls accurate and you could shoot it all day long comfortably. When I’m at the range and people ask me If I want to shoot their new gun I tell them no because I might like it. Now I think I’m liking this Ruger. It makes me hungry for a new gun.

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When it comes to non collectable revolvers I am a fan of most things Ruger. I have owned or own the Redhawk, Blackhawk, GP-100 and Security Six. I find their frames to be generally more robust than S&W or Colt and the internals have only the parts needed to make the firearm function correctly and usually the entire width of the frame opening (= strong). Pull a side plate on a S&W and there is a whole lot of extra stuff crammed in there and a lot of them are skinny little bits. JMHO and worth what you paid for it.



I’ve owned Ruger, Smith and Wesson, and Ruger’s security six. When I wore out a gun, I went looking for a new .357.
The Ruger security six had the best trigger of anything I could find new today, but they are no longer made. So I ended up with the GP-100, I wanted a .357 that would not wear out shooting full magnums.

I got a far better gun than I thought I was buying. As @45IPAC said, it’s on the heavy side, but very seriously built, to take a steady diet of full magnums and not wear out, and, mine is seriously accurate, right out of the box.

For the money, Ruger has done a lot of things right, I would not think twice about a GP-100 in 44 special, unless I wanted name recognition or a fancier finish on the gun.

I agree with @Scotty , I would start by looking at the Ruger Redhawk , The 44. magnum will shoot the 44. specials for you, and you also have the .44 magnum on tap if you should need it.

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If I just wanted a .44 Special, GP100, I’d go with the Jeff Quinn edition.

I personally own a Ruger LC9s 9mm for concealed carry purposes and love it. My uncle has had a stainless Redhawk .44 magnum for many years and has loved it. He has me wanting one now and it will be my next firearm purchase when I get ready to buy another one.


On an attractive Ruger 22LR copied below, it’s an 8 rounder; Good grip, and at least two other grips are available, including a longer one for all fingers and a shorter beautiful wood grip.

Almost ordered a Ruger 9mm. Beautiful make. Saw this video on one nice model, but when the fellow shot it, the mag kept dropping out; copied below. That was the only thing that shy’d me away. Any thoughts on that? Thanks.

22LR snubby website link:

9mm vid:

I like Ruger firearms. They are well built, inexpensive & reliable. I own a Super Redhawk 44mag, American Pro 9mm, an LCS9, SR1911 and a Wrangler SA22. All of them are good guns. The American Pro is my home defense pistol. It’s a tank & will NOT fail. It’s mot for everyone but I have big hands & it is very accurate,

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I still have a security-six .357 stainless 6” in original almost new condition. It’s one of my guns that can not be bought!

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I understand. I tried to find a new .357 that was equal too, or better than the security six I had, which was so good I wanted to save it for critical situations, and have one to take the brunt of practice and plinking. I never found one that was better, which surprised me considering the quality manufacturers I sampled. Turns out the security six has been, and still is, very highly regarded, even by professional armorers I read from.

The GP100 I ended up with was heavier ,( a solid and very accurate full magnum platform ) that shoots amazingly well for me, even double action, and that’s what I wanted, But the weight, balance, and trigger of that security six would make it the one I chose to carry or defend myself with, it’s a much better revolver than I’d known to give it credit for previously.

I carry one of three pistols. If I am wearing shorts or anything requiring a pocket pistol, I carry my Ruger LC9s. It is a reliable, comfortable pistol that I have owned for 5 or 6 years. I have had zero problems with this pistol. I have tritium sights & a grip sleeve. I recently bought a 9 round mag that I have had no issues with other than it just doesn’t appear to sit tight

My absolute favorite revolver to shoot is my Ruger Super Redhawk 44mag. It came with a Burris scope which I use at the range occasionally. This pistol is dead on accurate & an absolute hand cannon. So much fun to shoot. It was my Bear gun when I was stationed in Northern California,

I got a Ruger Wrangler SA 22 for Christmas. It is accurate and just fun to shoot. Cheap too!!!
It was $229 at Academy & came with a nice leather holster. Great little plinker for sure.


Very sweet 357mag. I bet it’s a solid reliable revolver. I have the Super Redhawk 44mag

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If I had 6 .357s in front of me to carry every day I would choose the GP 100 every time. :us:


It’s more accurate than I can shoot. It will digest the rowdiest .357 loads available, and just keep on going.

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