.38 Specials

Has anyone any reviews on the Rock Island M200 and the 2 “Commanche II” .38 revolvers on the market? The “Commanche II” barrels look like Python designs with their 3" and 4" lengths - both makes look like a lot of gun for the $$, but how do they stand up to +P loads? It’s tough to keep up with the market these days.

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I’ve seen mixed reviews on the M200. For just a little more coin, you can get a Taurus(I forget the model number) that seems to be a good gun. Even a smith and Wesson JFrame 642/442 can be had for a good price.


Taurus 85 I think it is, is the .38 5 shot.

The Taurus is the .357

Both are nice… have looked at them both, but already have 2 .357s so have not found a good reason to spend more on another.


Saw a Taurus revolver for less than $350 today at my local big box store. I’ve heard a lot of good about them myself. I just don’t have a practical purpose for it.

I’d like to get a light weight LCR one day.

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I have ria revolvers the snubby & 3" (?) . nothing fancy, couple of plain janes but they both work. Nice weapon for the money. Cheap thrill i guess. Can use +p but not a steady diet of that. I know they’ve had some problems in the past. Lots of reviews on yt…

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Also just got email from palmetto arms Taurus 856. Can use +p. $350 happy new year deal


Don’t know anything about the Commanches, but the Rock Island’s reputation has improved over the years. I’d still stick with the Taurus 856. Great little revolver.

I personally have a Rock Island Model 206 .38 Special. That’s a sweet little snubby for the money. I really like it. I carry it for my Sunday morning concealed carry alternative when I can’t carry IWB because of my dress clothes like I normally do. I put it in an ankle holster on my leg. I can shoot +P loads through that as well, albeit there is a little more felt recoil.


FWIW, Charter Arms makes a decent .38 snub.