Ammo Prices?

Just trying to remember what ammo prices were about this time last year. I remember I usually paid about 16 to 18 cents a round for 9mm, but have not bought 40 S&W in so long I cannot remember what the going price “used” to be.

I ran across some yesterday morning (internet shopping) at $107.00 for 350, or ~ 31 cents per round (Winchester Bulk Pack, 165 grain). I was meeting some buddies to run offshore fishing, so didn’t take the time to place an order. It is gone now, but just wondering what the “target” price used to be, and what price is still good today.


I’ve been finding that anything close to 0.30/round is great these days. But 0.40 is starting to be more common.


I used to get 200 rounds of Federal premium for $40… I’ve seen people selling the same box for over $100. When I get lucky and get to academy before they are sold out, I can get a 500 round box of Winchester white box for $100, but it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.


As for today I’d consider these as fair prices:
+/- $0.40 per round -> 9mm target ammo
+/- $0.80 per round-> cheap 9mm defensive ammo
+/- $1.50 per round -> good 9mm defensive ammo

There’s still Federal HSTs available for 0.80/round on gunbroker as a Buy It Now.

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Yeah, As you mentioned on other thread - patience makes the trick. :+1:

Is that 9mm or 40 S&W?

9mm. Gotta be quick though. The last time I made it before they opened, they sold out in 15 minutes :eyes:

Ammo over time

One of the ammo sites has a history section, but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe you’re Googling will be better than mine is.

I looked up SGAmmo in and found they had a saved version in Aug 2019 (almost exactly a year ago). Their prices have generally been very fair. Looks like last year most .40 cal was going as low as $0.23/cpr

Thanks @Harvey, that is what I was kind of remembering, but didn’t trust my memory.

Anyway, based on today’s conditions, I wish I would of made my buddies wait at the dock a few minutes :slight_smile:

I don’t shoot my 40 as much as my 9mm’s, so I just bit the bullet (no pun intended) and ordered 200 @32 cents a round with free shipping to get me by till I run across a better deal. At some point the reality kicked in that I am counting pennies (1 cent x 350 = $3.50 potential savings) when availability is the real elephant in the room.

Edit: The one’s I ordered are 180 grain vs. 165 grain. I prefer the 165 grain as that is what my SD ammo is, but beggars can’t be choosers!

$0.32/cpr is pretty good no matter what caliber, IMO

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My local gun dealer just told me that the company they use for reloads just told them they’re shutting the doors until the economy straightens out because they’re not able to get everything to make them. I buy reloads for target practice you know it’s the cheapest you can get so guess I’m not Target practicing for a while.

I know what you mean.

My firearms have never been dry fired as much as this year - although I think it has been a good training year because of it.

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Still shopping, just got an email saying order is canceled :frowning:

Not sure how the back order for Optics Planet will work out, but I gave it a shot anyway. Ammo coming sooner is more expensive and ammo expected months away is cheaper. They don’t charge your card until they ship and we get a 10% discount.

How long before ups and FedEx trucks start getting hijacked as they leave the depot…???

Hope I don’t jinx it, but ordered 150 rounds of 180 grain Blazer Brass @ 25 cents a round this morning (40 S&W). I went with the minimum buy for free shipping this time trusting it won’t get canceled again - fingers crossed.

Edit: They show “out of stock” right after I ordered …

Edit 2: Guess I jinxed it - order canceled! :rage:

I think I’m paying around .30-.40 a round for 9mm when I can find it. I have gotten lucky; for lack of a better term, and found ammo at farm and fleet for closer to .20 a round but they limited me to two boxes of 50. As it goes, I wasn’t even looking for it at the time, I think I was there getting oil or something for the yard and of course now that I am trying to get more I can’t find it at any of there locations.

.45 acp rounds are at 1.00 a round to 1.60 a round depending upon quality of ammo you want.
9 mm rounds are at .60 a round to 1.00 a round.
5.56 rounds are .70 to 1.75 a round.
40 S&W rounds are .66 a round to 1.50 a round.
.31 a round is bank! Congratulations!

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