Best online prices for ammo?

Online shopping is definitely the easiest way to shop for things you don’t need instantly - and usually, it’s cheaper too!

With the latest trend of vendors walking away from selling ammo due to political and media pressure, online shopping and visiting your local ranges to purchase ammo is the way to go:

What’s the best price you’ve found for ammo online?

Angelfire Ammo when they run sales. You can pick up what your budget allows, enough for a range trip? Perfect. Needing bulk? Also perfect.

This gets even better when you have others going in on it with you to split costs.

I need to get to the range again purely to run the 9mm ammo I picked up from If their ammo runs as smoothly as I suspect it will I will be purchasing their defensive rounds. They are one of the sponsors for USPCA in southeast Michigan, they are also working with various LE departments to lower training costs for them. That’s enough of an endorsement where I believe a Prosecutor would have a hard time arguing the type of carry ammo I use.

Location wise SGAMMO.COM is my go to. Ammo usually shows up 3 days after my order is placed. But I’m just a state away.

I’ve tried angel fire and was happy just took longer to receive my order but so far the ammo has run flawlessly

I’ve gotten really good deals on Target Sports USA if you’re buying 1000 rounds at a time, but the best deals I ever get are from Federal when they run their rebates, at least on 223 and 556. I have alerts on 6 or 7 websites for deal notifications, so I watch fairly frequently. I’d love to hear about every one else’s deal sites, though!

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I buy from Target Sports as well. Less than $10 per box for Magtec 9mm with free shipping, no tax. Only issue is long delivery time, 7 days. Order ships from CT to my place in AZ so not totally surprising. I can live with that a 1,000 rounds per order.

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Make that three…

$0.17 per round (price delivered)

I always look for price max $180 per 1,000 rounds (delivered) and avoid deals for “Russian” or “steel” ammo.

Make that four for… Their prices are always very good, reasonable shipping costs, good reputation. is another good one, I like buying from them because they put out a lot of good quality online content.

Sometimes places like palmetto state armory, midwayusa or brownells will have a good sale.