How low will it go?

Just curious what people are thinking about current and future ammo pricing. It seems to have reached an equilibrium of sorts lately but where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.

I doubt it’ll ever return to pre 2020 prices considering all the costs of raw materials, production, transportation show no signs of going down, not to mention inflation.

Then there’s the midterms on the immediate horizon and the presidential election down the road.

Anyway, is it time to start restocking or do you plan to wait it out a little longer?


Restock whenever you can. I think it will get worse long before it gets better. Think 2024. :thinking:
Disarming us is still top priority. :unamused:


I’m just buying a box of ammo here an there now. I know that it’s usually cheaper to buy large bulk online, but I’ve had issues with shipping ammo before and I don’t have the money for an order like that at the moment. I also fear buying a bulk brand of some ammo that ends up not working well and getting stuck with garbage.


Buy as much as you can when you can!
Just received my latest order, what’s in your bunker?


restock asap! Look at the differences from 80’s to the 90’s. it has gone up! It is not going down. No Cokes for a quarter, no gas for ,75 cents! Prices are not going to go down! I remember buying Cigarettes for ,50 cents a pack and when then when they were at a dollar people were talking about not smoking anymore because they were too expensive! Now cigarettes are $10.00 here in Washington state,


Somebody pressed PANIC button? :joy:

I’m not expecting $0.16 per round, like it was in 2019, so I would be ok if the current price drops to $0.25. I’m hoping for $0.20 next year.

As of today I’m spending between $0.27 - $0.30 per round, depending on what is available. I don’t see any reason to store more than regular amount of 2K rounds of target ammo.


I went to the GS today to see what they had, bought 1 box (20 rnds) of 5.56, 12 bucks. I’m like you 20 here 40 there pretty soon it adds up.


With current inflation, nothing will ever return to 2020 prices.
Ammunition may be a more severe case, but it includes everything else, like groceries and utilities.


Curious, what are you buying at 27¢-30¢ a round and where? Lowest I’ve seen for brass 9mm is 35¢ with shipping.


Amazingly these above are European /Asian and they are less expensive than US production.
Recently I was able to find US ammo:
Diamond Dogs
but I was lucky, this ammo was one day sale only.

All above are 115gr, FMJ, brass casing.

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I’ve seen these but have been reluctant since I usually buy range ammo in bulk and don’t want to be stuck with iffy ammo.

I take it these have been working well for you? I can deal with dirty ammo but not bad primers, loose bullets, bent cases, etc. Thanks.

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I’ve been shooting all these for at least last 12 months. Never had single malfunction.
I’m buying in 1k boxes. That always gives better price.

Norma and Geco are German and these are my priority. I shot over 3K rounds of each.
Sarsilmaz and Turan are Turkish and they are also great. 1k of each tested already.
Vostok is NATO’s ammo factory in Uzbekistan and they cannot afford making bad products. 1k rounds - all good so far.

I trust those more than Winchester ammo which always gives me misfires (1 or 2 per 200 rounds)


I buy moderate amounts when I find a brand I like at a (currently) reasonable price, and I have a bit of disposable income. A couple of local stores have a relatively good supply of ammo, especially 9mm, but at terrible prices --like $24 -$30 for 50 rounds. Yikes! I have been finding CCI Blazer Brass for $16-$18 online and with reasonable shipping. Still more than twice what it was, but much lower than last year. Besides, it’s an investment. If the “apocalyptos” are right about the future, ammo may be better currency than gold. :wink: :wink:

I don’t think we’ll ever see 9mm back down to $8.99 a box, but eventually it may go as low as $12 or so. Probably a sale price, but still…


I like these:

I bought some 308 Norma for my son. He’s had no problems

Primers, primers, primers.

I can go another year with factory ammo on hand (if I shoot up all calibers). But that is a reserve stockpile not intended for routine practice.

I probably have bullets and powder for a couple more years (and cases for a lifetime). But two years in, I’m looking at my last few trays of primers. Just like toilet paper, the primer supply shut down hard at the time I was about ready for the next big purchase. Unlike primers, I have regained the ability to wipe my ass for a while. :woozy_face:

Please, everybody get satisfied with your ammunition stockpile, so manufacturers will start turning components loose again! :grimacing:

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What I find weird is that a there are a lot of suppliers in “The Great White North” that have primers “in stock” up the ying-yang but can’t ship them onto the U.S.

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I would be shocked to see prices ever go back down. Once people get used to a price, I don’t see them lowering it even if production costs go down.

The best we could hope for would be ammo manufacturers overproducing by extraordinary amounts, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that.


Still having some issues finding 556 62 grain & 38 special, 9mm & 45 acp all good, I have enough however always looking for more. Get some online & some at b&m. A long ways back bought from freedom munitions when they had free shipping. Was fine ammo, don’t know if that’s still true.

Others have mentioned issues with Freedom Munitions but I haven’t. It’s been years, but it was ok for me.

.38spc is out there and still pricey but it goes pretty quickly.

I am getting 9mm for about .33 cents around from Target sports usa. I joined their “Club” and get free shipping. I have saved much more in shipping than I paid to join, so it worked out for me. They have had 9mm and .40 SW pretty regularly and I have been stocking up.