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Here’s the “revised draft of the negotiating text of the WHO pandemic agreement”.
Immensely controlling for any set of countries, let alone the world’s greatest (recently) free country. The agreement is rife for abuse.

A_inb9_3-en.pdf (310.8 KB)


US Senators Drop a Bombshell on the World Health Organization

The tide is turning.

In a shocking turn of events, all Republican senators (49), led by Senator Ron Johnson, have formally urged President Joe Biden to withdraw his support in expanding the World Health Organization’s (WHO) pandemic authority.

The letter, sent ahead of the 77th World Health Assembly scheduled from May 27 to June 1, 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland, argues that the WHO’s mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis underscores the need for major reforms rather than granting it more power.

The senators warn that such an expansion could threaten U.S. sovereignty and constitutional rights, emphasizing that any international agreement enhancing WHO’s authority should be treated as a treaty, requiring a two-thirds supermajority vote in the Senate for approval.


What happens when you go against the new world order elites? Probably just a coincidence…

The Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico has just been shot in public.

This comes only days after Fico formally & publicly rejected The WHO Global Pandemic Accord :bangbang:


…More to follow I bet Brother

Pudding better have an Armored Bowl and Spoon…

“Pudding” is expected to sign the accord, without congressional supermajority approval.


Pudding is no longer in charge Brother.
He has out lived his usefulness
His Poll numbers are heading South
He’s in denial
The Trumpinator is Soaring
The Media is turning on him
I’d be surprised if he makes it to the Convention in Chiraq
I just hope they don’t think 'Mike’Obama is the answer…He isn’t.


:rofl: OMG Dude, that’s awesome!!! :joy:

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“Let’s give it to ‘Miley’–He’ll EAT anything!”

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