America's food supply

Many here probably don’t know this.

JBS USA Holdings, Inc. is a meat processing company and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Brazilian multinational JBS S.A. The subsidiary was created when JBS entered the U.S. market in 2007 with its purchase of Swift & Company.

National Beef is a beef processor headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, that produces fresh, chilled and further processed beef and beef by-products for customers worldwide. The company is owned by Brazilian multinational Marfrig.

Smithfield Foods, Inc., is a pork producer and food-processing company based in Smithfield, Virginia. It operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese-owned conglomerate WH Group.[


I’ll be as eloquent as possible.
We’re F#$KED :exclamation:

Guessing this is what dad meant when he said, “hold on tight”



So when SHTF we just Nationalize these companies. Just like the other far left countries we seem to be aspiring to be like.


who cares… :smirk:

We have plenty of domestic food around houses.
Just catch, prepare and eat.

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People need to be aware of what is going on in Washington. Even if people feel they can’t do anything about government, they can at least know what is going on, and possibly, prepare for it.


This post probably will offend some but I’m going to use the word cattle and farmers to see if it will stay up.

If our gubment is forcing farmers to electronically track their cattle (on topic) how much longer will it be before our gubment will try to force us to be electronically tracked? They are building the system up under our noses and we don’t even see it.


We are right on the edge of it now, read cell phone. They can and do track pretty much everyone all of the time. They may not be watching every second but they can go back in the perpetually stored data stores and find out…


Why my cell phone is ten years old and is covered in dust most of the time.


Actually, that ship has sailed, right over the edge of the Earth. No putting Pandora back in her box.


Our enemies don’t have to invade us. They can just starve us and cut our medical supplies, which by the way we’re almost completely dependent on China now for, and we’ll just kill each other by the millions. Then they can come in and show up as our saviors and take over with us willingly letting them.


I got this in my SPAM box the other day. Looks to me like they, who ever ‘they’ are can track you using Bluetooth connections to other near by Bluetooth devices.

Find My Device network is coming soon

You can use Find My Device today to locate devices when they’re connected to the internet. With the new Find My Device network, you’ll be able to locate your devices even if they’re offline. You can also find any compatible Fast Pair accessories when they’re disconnected from your device. This includes compatible earbuds and headphones, and trackers that you can attach to your wallet, keys, or bike.
To help you find your items when they’re offline, Find My Device will use the network of over a billion devices in the Android community and store your devices’ recent locations.
How it works
Devices in the network use Bluetooth to scan for nearby items. If other devices detect your items, they’ll securely send the locations where the items were detected to Find My Device. Your Android devices will do the same to help others find their offline items when detected nearby.
Your devices’ locations will be encrypted using the PIN, pattern, or password for your Android devices. They can only be seen by you and those you share your devices with in Find My Device. They will not be visible to Google or used for other purposes.
You’ll get a notification on your Android devices when this feature is turned on in 3 days. Until then, you can opt out of the network through Find My Device on the web. Your choice will apply to all Android devices linked to ***** After the feature is on, you can manage device participation anytime through Find My Device settings on the device.


Yes, the Apple Find My app uses WiFi, the internet and BlueTooth to find your devices. You can also share your location (your phone) with others, too, in the Find My app. I have Air tags for my luggage that I use when on vacation. After all the horror stories about lost luggage, and having had a number of minor issues with delayed/lost baggage, I decided to try it. You can even put a tag on your keychain so if you forget where you put your keys, you can find them. Also, you can find your phone that way, too, and most other Apple devices, using the Find My app.

Apple also notifies you if there is a tracking device with you that is not yours. My daughter texted me on a recent vacation with just her and my wife about a tracking notification. I told her there was an Air tag in the luggage. I told her that she could use the Find My app to verify that it was mine.


They don’t have to we already submitted to their terms and conditions!



Has anyone among us actually made it through an entire EULA without skipping some of it? I know my eyes glaze over.


We’ve been tracked, analyzed, propagandized and in general controlled for decades. Folks are JUST starting to realize this and the younger generations don’t give a sh1t about it. They’ll be in line to get the chip implanted in their brain the second it becomes available.


After I got hurt, I went back to College and got my Forensic Accounting degree, and my Masters in Accounting, in the hopes I could find a professional certification job that would work with my disability. I was by far older than the other students. A security concern came up and a possible solution that was championed by the college aged students was to put a video camera in every home. I stood up and became the advocate voice about violations of peoples right to privacy, to be secure in their persons in their own home. The majority of the college aged students were absolutely fine with a video camera in their homes, and controlled by the I was, literally, ridiculed and asked what I was so afraid of and that "if I was a law abiding citizen, I should not have any concerns with the .gov having unfettered access to my personal life ".

I was completely gob smacked that no one but the professor and I had a problem with a camera in their home. Millennials and Gen are very different from previous generations.



OK…Apologies for the Triple Thread Posting on Same subject.
First I posted it on Range time, Then a Separate post in New Topic, Now Here…
This Topic/Subject is perfect and will be 5:23 of your time.
Some WILL say BS!
Some will go Holy Shite!
It’s Happening and it’s Happening NOW Folks.
(Please give a listen)


Yup. It’s true.

Just when you thought the previous conspiracy theory was the end all be all…

It’s going down just like these people say it is. May 27 will be when the baloon goes up if Biden and the elites have their way.