Your car is spying on you

I’m posting this in our USCCA community because I know quite a few of us care a lot about our own privacy.

I stumbled on the attached site when I was looking up what data my wife’s Subaru was collecting and what Subaru was doing with it. I was shocked. In summary, by merely being a passenger in a Subaru, you are consenting to all their privacy and data collection terms. With this “consent” you allow them to record everything they can about you, your connected devices (phone, including your camera, files, search history and more), your driving, locations, and even record every spoken word inside the car! This information is stored by Subaru, and may, at their discretion, be shared with anyone they see fit, including businesses, government and law enforcement (no warrant required). Further, you consent to allow them to pull your profiles on social media (and any other way they can aggregate data) and “to build a complete profile” of you.

Now, this is only what I learned about Subaru because it’s the only modern, connected car we own (my truck that I drive daily is almost 30 years old and happily “dumb.”) Subaru is, it appears, doing just what pretty much every major manufacturer is doing, and vehicles seem to be the wild west of consumer data collection and privacy loss.

The link below will allow you to check your vehicle’s privacy policy and ratings.




Sooo weird that I never connected my phone to my Tacoma now isn’t it?

I’m sure they can still gather driving habits and gps information, but without my mobile uplink actively sending all my personal info as well I’m just that little bit more grey.


As I understand it, it does not use your cellular signal for data transmission, it has its own system.


Unfortunately, so does my insurance company, my recycling garage collector, my cell phone, Google, the National Security Agency, 911 services, virtually every big box store, Bank of America, and my Victoria Secret swimsuit model neighbor.

But I digress.


Phunnie Paul (Thank you)

I hate to sound like so-what? But so the phuck what! After what this and barry’s administration has done, collected, Intruded and Screwed us what is the difference?. They know now where we buy sh**, What we buy, when we buy it and on and on and on. They ALRADY know what Self defense crap we have courtesy of the darling ATP’n F. It just doesn’t matter.
I’m sorry Joseph, I love ya Brother but understand it’s already a done deal and they really have been collecting analyzing, storing data forever. This whole new system of data mining ‘Alexa’ an Bob and Ralph whatever is the newest Intrusion. I hope none of you have these?
I use to get upset w/ every new sneaky bastard way they did this sometimes of the guise of National Security—Oh yeah, how about spying? A whole branch of the .gov HOMELAND SECURITY? There to make us safer! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Right! Then they weaponized the IRS, the FDA and the Girl Scouts with surveillance devices in those Thin Mints! (Sarc) Just to know I haven’t completely gone over the edge (yet)
This group of Frauds and fakes may get the data but they will NEVER get my Heart and Soul, nor will they drive me crazy. Their time will come and they will either Hang or disappear. I may not live to see it
but I will be throwing Pop Corn from the Corporate Box in Heaven!
As you know being a movie buff one of the most comforting lines I ever heard was from "The Kingdom w/ jamie Foxx–an FBI Director :face_vomiting: was being reamed because this .gov POS didn’t like his orders ignored and he said the the panty wearing phuck:
When General Westmoreland (Vietnam) made us all write our Obituaries , you find out life is finite
and you it’s all about ‘HOW YOU WANT TO ‘GO OUT’ on your FEET or on your KNEES!’
That had a huge impact on me. HUGE! I get little snippet’s of HOPE in life, sometimes from unlikely sources. I take those and hold them close. That’s what gets me through, That’s what got me motivated for the next firefight. And the last one is coming. You can take that to the Bank. The Haitian thing was the greatest clue for me. The (10+) MILLION MAN Army Invasion wasn’t enough for them. They have to MAKE SURE we all go down. This just tells me if they aren’t dealt with, they will continue to throw bodies at us until we all fall.
Be careful brothers and Sisters
Stay Frosty
It’s gonna get loud.

Mi dos pesos


If my 2010 ***** ********** ** could narc me out I would have been in jail long ago. :wink:


Did you just misgender AI? :thinking::rofl:


I hear ya brother. To the profit driven companies we are nothing more than commodities to be quantified and monetized. To the .gov we are nothing more than potential persons of interest to be tracked. To me, all of that is a problem, but it really becomes a problem when the .gov decides that all these private companies collecting unlimited information about us, and communications from us, are doing a great job and they want it too, and the car companies, according to their written policies, are happy to hand it over. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one way they tracked down a lot of average Americans now sitting in jail because they drove to DC on Jan 6.

My point is, even if, like me, you don’t get an Alexa, or Ring cameras, or use Siri or Google, or any of the other obvious data collection appliances, who knew that your car is listening to everything you say and recording everything you do? The insurance companies are now buying this information from the car companies to set rates. Didn’t feel like “opting in” to the insurance company’s driving monitor device? Too bad, they know you speed, anyway.

Anyway, I’m totally with you brother that they can’t get our hearts and souls, and when the SHTF it may not matter what data they’ve got, but I’m still not a big fan of someone being able to track my car’s every move, listen to what I say in it, and potentially just shut it off remotely if they don’t like where I’m going or what I’m doing. Too many people and groups have their fingers into every little corner of our lives now, including the quiet ability to suddenly stop our ability to function day to day. Ask the truckers in Canada.


Figured this was coming.


Follow me for more life hacks!


MY TRUCK! HOLY SH**! muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!(Only mine has Chickens roasting on the ruff!)

You Sub drivers are sneaky SH**'S ! (In a good way!) :laughing:

And back to Joseph, My Brother, I understand your grief/disbelief when you first find (ANOTHER)
Intrusion out (and then something they’ve been doing since the dawn of computers) It is a shock to the system. I don’t want to minimize your feelings my friend, it’s just I’m an old WARDOG and was early on mentally set right by a Mentor who knew a lot (not all) of .gov’s deceptive ways I was gobsmacked myself.
I never hooked my phone up to the rides (and never will now) and now I never will. After you telling me all this I need to get right with my data collecting metal monsters in my garage now. Thank you for sharing this info.

And YES Karacal I misgendered the AI monsters what are they gonna do about it? Send me backwards into a lake in my Tesla or controlling my car and send me into a tre @ 110 MPH? Hell of a way to go. :crazy_face:


Don to his new Jag, trying to shut the engine off and open the door in his garage…

“Open the driver door please Jag…”
“Open the driver door please Jag!”

“I’m sorry, Don. I’m afraid I can’t do that. You mis-gendered my husband Alex. He’s not Alexa anymore.”

:rofl: :rofl:


VERY GOOD! Very Good! Plus Plus!


Some years ago, my new Jeep Cherokee with the fancy electronics, started by itself in the garage. Seems that hackers got into Chrysler’s database of customer info to a degree that they could remotely start vehicles. Chrysler’s advice to me was to change my password. Sigh.

The reality is that hackers and scammers are rarely investigated, prosecuted or imprisoned for their activities and crimes. It is organized crime with no risk of prosecution, so individuals must bear the burden of protecting themselves. From their cars.


I was just reading about this. What really bothers me about it is that after I bought my truck a few years back, I started getting emails every so often about my driving habits and that I could “opt in” to have that info sent to my insurance company for possible discounts if I’m a good driver. Invasive!!! But the worst part is, the emails always included a certain number of times for “hard braking”. The only thing I could think of was a stop sign at the bottom of a hill in my neighborhood. I’m only ever going 30mph approaching it, but “hard braking”??? Who wrote that software? Not even close!!

By what criteria is Chevy making this determination and why would insurance companies just blindly accept it as factual??? The whole system is relatively untested and prone to error, but people’s insurance rates are going up as a result of it.

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Plus! I watched that movie again last night.


It may not be the greatest Sniper movie but it’s accurate amirite? Plus Plus


Someone could literally kill a whole family that way. If a house didn’t have a working CO detector and that happened in the night while everyone was asleep, it could be tragic.

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I use Android Auto(mobile) with my cellphone hardwired into my 2022 car for navigation. It knows and reports real time traffic congestion/backups in red/yellow/green highlights on the car’s display. The car is equipped with both the manufacturer’s voice interface system as well as the Alexis android. Even though they are only supposed to respond if addressed by name, they both randomly offer to help me when I am talking to someone in the car. I figure both are recording data all the time.

My 2013 car did not have my phone integrated into it to the extent the new one does. However, it provided similar traffic information for the 1st six months or so until I did not pay for the manufacturer’s optional uplink.


i drive a 90s jeep. Chrysler isnt collecting anything on me and neither is anyone else