196 American companies no longer owned by Americans

We are being sold to the highest bidder. :roll_eyes:

American Companies That Are No Longer American | Investing Magazine (streetinsider.com)


Yeah one that surprised me was Nathans they are now owned by Smithfield which means they are Chinese owned.


Interesting list. Thanks for posting it. It should illustrate that we truly live in a global economy intertwined by a variety of interests. All that money US consumers spend on Chinese goods has to go somewhere, and that somewhere includes investments in historically US brands. It also illustrates the folly of saber-rattlers and neo-cons who long for armed conflict/war with China. Many Americans not only buy Chinese goods and service (e.g., hotels), but are employed by or beholding to (e.g., stock ownership) Chinese companies.

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I am an opponent of any kind of war, armed confrontation between countries, for any reason.
Having said that, Chinese expansion on US soil has to be opposed by all and any means. We need to call out CCP anti-American and anti-human plans. We need to seek reparations from China for covid. This country’s sovereignty and security takes precedence to Americans potentially losing jobs at their Chinese employers.
Boycott/divest/sue is the attitude American consumer needs to adopt toward these brands.


//Boycott/divest/sue is the attitude American consumer needs to adopt toward these brands.//

As a practical matter in the world in which we live, how do consumers and individuals actually do that? Imagine shopping for hardware of any sort on Amazon, how do you pick out the Chinese/foreign brands to boycott? Would your decision not to buy a particular item because the company is owned by Chinese interests make a difference in any way? Would the Chinese investors leave?

Or, imagine looking at your retirement funds that consist of mutual funds. How do you pick out the mutual funds that have investments in Chinese owned companies without making yourself crazy?

I agree, it is difficult, so I myself practice it as much as I can, without undue effort and fanaticism. I avoid giving money to companies that are not my friends. Some of them help me by labelling themselves, others I have to read about.

What difference do I make? Does it all matter?
Little strokes fell great oaks. It matters to me.


Same with me. I do what I can and/or think is right, I don’t over worry about what I cannot change. :slightly_smiling_face:



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I’m surprised it’s only196. Our monuments,farm land & buildings are bought up by other countries. Do Americans own anything these days?

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We must, because otherwise we would “own nothing and be happy.” :sunglasses:

It certainly can make a difference. I do try to buy American, or at the least, not Chinese. I have told companies that I am not buying X because it is Chinese and will be shopping elsewhere. I have seen vendors at gun shows bringing in USA-made knives after I told them I will not buy their Chinese knives and showed them my USA-made knives that are far more expensive.

I have seen companies start advertising that their products are US-made, something one hadn’t seen in decades. Just like AB, they notice. Some are just more receptive to their target markets and do what it takes to get sales. Money talks, but it needs your voice to be heard.


Hmm AB is not owned by Americans, most brew is not


I’m getting kind of ‘Whatever’ when it comes to Point of origin,
Foreign ownership now. I ‘try’ to buy American keep the greenbacks here.
I won’t buy a Turkish firearm, I did a couple of times but resold them when
I saved up enough for American Iron. I just feel ‘ripped off’ with the high cost
of say a Smith or Colt revolver in the $1500’s! when an EAA Windicator is $350!
I can more easily give up a $400 pieces after a shoot than a $1500 hunk of iron.

We lost something here in this country and I don’t know if we’ll ever get that back.


I only buy from local breweries, better tasting also. And for those that want to buy stuff made in the USA I highly recommend this site



I mostly buy craft beer, but Goose Island is also off my list (owned by AB).

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