American Society Seems To Be Collapsing

Our Founder’s had just fought a war with England for their FREEDOM. And the people that fought on our side were regular men and boys that came to the aide of their country. And back then EVERY ABLE BIDIED MALE WAS CONSIDERED TO BE IN THE MILITIA. And that was what part of the 2A meant. and our Founder’s also felt that WE THE PEOPLE should have the SAME TYPES OF ARMS THE THE GOVERNMENT HAD TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM THE GOVERNMENT WHEN IT BECAME TO POWERFUL. And also being able to defend yourself is AN UNALIENABLE RIGHT GIVEN TO US BY OUT CREATOR(G-d). IT IS ALSO A LAW OF NATURE AS WELL. Which is in nature one can defend itself by any means they choose to do so.


And killing other Americans in some sort of revolution fantasy or storming the Capitol following a weirdo in a Viking helmet or joining the Proud Boys is a better alternative? Show me proof that that works.

The Revolutionary War.
You still haven’t provided any real proof that voting and running for office will actually change anything. Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations along with the leftist radical agendas have created the chaos we are seeing today.


The go join the Proud Boys. That will change things for you.

That would be the equivalent of joining BLM.
I’ll ask again, where is your proof?


Don’t forget your kilt … Ask them for proof. That’s the revolutionary “voting is pointless, violence is the answer” brain trust you seem to be longing for.

Just go back to scamming hardworking Americans out of the money to fund campaigns that in result making politicians richer and America poorer. You’re proof of that, you ran for office, correct? Did those people who donated to your campaign ever get the results you promised? No , they didn’t.
You still have not provided any proof and are resorting to childish immature behavior, as you said, “being a troll”.
Unless you can provide a solution then just go away.


I funded my campaign with my own money.

Maybe when this guy gets out of prison, he can lead you and your followers to change without voting or being engaged in politics (unless Trump appoints him to a cabinet position).

I suppose you don’t vote, 'cause you’re waiting for proof that it does work. Ask your “voting doesn’t change things, only violence works” leader for what you should do next.

His name is Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley. He’s in the Federal Correctional Institution in Safford AZ. You could probably address your letter to the QShaman or the Yellowstone Wolf and it would get to him. He’s proof positive that what he did works whereas voting or peaceful assembly does not.

Maga Shaman

Sure you did.

You still have not provided proof of what will make things change. You only show that some people, that were ushered into the Capital, made a bad decision.
I have never stated to join the Proud Boys or follow the water buffalo into an insurrection.
What is your proof that will make things change? I would accept pretty much any answer at this point.
Gov Abbott in Texas is ‘doing’ something to cause change. What that outcome may be? Who knows, the Biden Administration might back down, a new Civil War, but atleast he is doing something


Your Information about Jacob is as flawed as your pointless/fact less attitude.
Mr. Chansley was released from Prison May 2023. (Check your facts Sir, Wiki solved that
in (2) seconds. So Sad. You continue to come on here and Insult My Brothers and give
zero facts or solutions.
The Final straw was to call Karacal a TROLL. A respected member of this Community.
We may never meet TRUTH but we here are Brothers and Sisters, and unless an egregious
act is committed deserves at minimum a modicum of respect. That is the decent thing to do.
You come on here with that Lofty arrogance of a Democrat who thinks they are better than everybody else. Why? Because you ran for public office once, twice whatever.
You show zero respect for others opinions, we’ve offered you plenty of ideas on how to solve issues and you come back and say we ’ just sit back’ and say nothing. You’re ears are closed as well as your mind.
You give no feedback on how to solve anything but insist we VOTE or run for public office ourselves.
But there is no shortage of snarky barbs and unpleasantness.
Buh Bye little man. Your (15) seconds are up for me.
Please don’t feel the need to respond to this, I won’t be paying attention to anything you say, In TRUTH I never did.


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Yes, society is collapsing. Social behavior, the lifeblood of society, is entirely dependent on objective truths that limit behavior. Freedom cannot be truly 100% free; that would mean I’m free to take your wallet.

To have a healthy freedom, we grant limits on ourselves and each other in a covenant relationship we call the US Constitution and associated rights and laws.

But how do we define what is acceptable behavior for society without a standard of truth and goodness. In our postmodern world, our nation has abandoned both.


Then vote.

Then go to the range.


On a completely unrelated note, how in the hell did that Giraffe get up there.


point well expressed IMHO… thing is who is choosing who we vote for???

BTW I put the person you’re discussing things with on ignore long ago…

been on the net a long time… only 4 people have earned ignore… 3 of em are on here…

we must never forget there are people being paid to stir the pot!!!

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“Practice Practice, Practice!”
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I’m ACTIVELY SEARCHING for something more Bizarre than yours Dave!
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and where is your evidence that they were?