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That’s been my local observation too. I was talking to the manager of one of my Local gun store partners and he now has Glocks in stock and ammo shipments coming in again. He is not rationing ammo to only those who buy a gun as he has in the last year or so and he’s got a pallet of ARs that have not gotten on the floor yet because the racks are full again.


Last month, my favorite LGS finally had “sale” flyers for the first time since pre-Fauci Scam days.

One was before Memorial Day and the other was early May.

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My LGS had some ammo on the shelf most of last week. They ran out of 22LR today but it was in stock all of last week. They have 223 and 5.56, 7.62 and some 9mm. as well as 000 buck and 00Buck I think I will be heading to the range starting this week because it is really available on line.

After this week’s comments made the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania, I think sales for July are going to be Yuuggeee!!!

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I hear F15 sales have jumped for private citizens.


And nukes are sky rocketing

I can build those. Just need a couple of tools and elements.

FYI! Just a joke. Don’t call the guv on me.

Not worried about ATF. It’s the NSA and FBI I’d worry about there. :rofl:

I see what you did there. :joy: