Am I Overreacting

My brother told me that someone pulled a gun at his New Year’s celebration. Side note: I was not there. All parties drank alcohol. People got too drunk, and some guy shoved my brother while in the basement of a house party after some words were exchanged (although I don’t know what was said or how it was said). My brother’s friend took the guy to the ground and told him to leave. The aggressor walked outside to his car, and apparently, he was followed by some women, who said he pulled out a gun from the car and started waving it around.

I want my brother to call the cops. Sure, the guy didn’t do anything this time but what about when he might in the future? I’m almost positive the guy doesn’t have a CPL, so keeping a weapon in a car in Michigan without one is a no-no. Also, he was intoxicated, likely past 0.02 BAC, so there’s something else. Also, he brandished a weapon in a threatening way that wasn’t for self-defense. I think this guy is a ticking time bomb, and I want my brother to do something, but he doesn’t want to. He said he didn’t feel threatened because he was inside and the guy was outside, and he didn’t think the guy would do anything, but I think that’s ridiculous.

Am I overreacting? Should I call the police on my own and report this guy even though I wasn’t the victim and my brother just wants to be done with it all? Is that overstepping on my brother? Do I have an obligation to report this because I have a CPL?


I’ll just say No you are not over reacting I think you or your brother should say something but ymmv I think if you do say something. do you know the people that witnessed it?


Just my opinion, I’m not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, etc…any party involved who witnessed actions by that individual they found threatening/dangerous/illegal should themselves report what they observed to local law enforcement.

Perhaps the owner/resident of the house has a camera or two somewhere, or someone has video.

I can’t and wont’ recommend either way on you calling the police, but if you were not there, I wonder how much value that offers.

I’d be most interested, just me personally, in the people present outside as the gun was allegedly waived, reciting their recollections to the police.



I would be concerned that he would think that your brother called, and go after him.

If your brother doesn’t want to pursue it, I would drop it.


was this female reporter also drunk? are they trustworthy that they were being honest? did anyone else see this happen? do you have proof? do you know what it was over? are you sure who the antagonizing parties are and the events that led up to “the event”?

In reality, the cops should have been called when it happened. you, as a non-witnessing party are reporting someone on hearsay, after the fact, without proof, as a third party, so be really careful how you proceed. you cannot legally make a statement about events you didn’t witness. Thats on the witness to report or not report. while i understand your concern, the cops are going to ask for actual witnesses to make a statement. bearing false witness is, in the end, also a crime. If the person who witnessed him brandish the firearm is so inclined, you need to be talking to her about making a report, or anyone else who is a first hand witness that will make an official police report.


No, they’re my brother’s friends… the ones I haven’t met

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Thanks, everyone. I guess I’ll drop it then. Nothing I can really do if the people who were there and witnessed it won’t do anything


Sounds like the poster child for red flag laws.


If the people there when he brandished the weapon called the police when he was threatening them it seems to me they could have arrested him for breaking several laws. At least a couple of which could result in him being disarmed. Doesn’t seem to be any need for an easily abused red flag law in this case.


Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and am not qualified to give legal advice. Consult a practicing attorney in your area for definitive answers regarding legal questions or issues.

Now then: since you weren’t there, anything you might tell law enforcement may, or may not, be ignored. Third-party reports don’t get followed up on that much. If your brother called and reported it, at the time, there might be more interest in at least having an officer come out and talk to your brother, or the guy, or both.

As it stands right now, both you and your brother should probably settle for keeping on your guard when that guy is around, and if he does something stupid again, it might be the time to make the phone call at that point. In the meantime, trust your gut.


I don’t know if I would say I would immediately drop it. I have no idea the history or relationships between these people, but if it happened once, it’s a good possibility it may happen again, and unfortunately, may escalate. Be prepared. Be a good witness. Be prepared to protect the ones you love. Pay attention. Make Col. Cooper proud. Maybe even think in investing in a cheap wireless surveillance camera facing the front of the house or driveway. All too often, as mentioned in other threads, whoever calls the cops first is usually who the cops will believe in an instance of “he said she said”, but the one with the ring camera usually gets the last laugh :man_shrugging:


TRUTH! All you guy’s seem to have a handle on this.
But ABSOLUTELY he is a Red Flag/Troubled Individual headed for a Bad End.

One thing I learned Early On is Alcohol (if abused) makes you a DIK
Second thing is Alcohol and Guns is No bueno!
Put those two together and add an Aggressive, Bully, Troubled Soul and you
have a volatile situation in the making.
What Range Matt said hit home, It should have been reported Then on the spot.
Other than that tell your Brother to not be around/near Butt face ever again. Why would he anyway?

When Karma bites she’s gonna Bite HARD! Hopefully he won’t take INNOCENTS with him.

I had a Co-Worker (Last week) Level2 (NO GUN ALLOWED) We had a situation, he turns to me
and say’s ‘I have your back Bro!’ I turn and he has a Ruger P89 Semi in his hand! A Thousand things exploded in my head all @ once. Holy Moly (I didn’t say that) WTF!,(I did say) I told him Put it away (w/ a slight menace in my tone) he did we knocked and a woman answered w/ a bloody mouth, torn clothes, shaking like a leaf. She saw the uniforms and hugged Mr. Level 2 saying ‘I gotta get out of here’
THAT we can do! (and did) Extracting somebody out of a bad situation is the RIGHT THING TO DO.
Mr. 2 was reported on the spot (same day). I’m NO RAT! but this is light years away from 'Do you know what he did/said/minor BS. They did nothing. I quit, Happy New Year Don!
This company gets caught Joe Gun gets caught–Buh Buy Company! I don’t need that in my life.
** You can’t wave a gun around—as yall said, Menacing, Drunk stoopid, --so many broken laws there it’s not funny
** If you are a Level 1/2 you can’t carry period , You don’t have a CCW, you don’t carry…etc
** You can’t kill Ashli Babbit because she may or may not have been ‘Thinking’ about jumping through a door/ window, when this Mope Cop saw both hands empty ( I wasn’t there so that’s like 43rd hand disinformation) You just don’t shoot, You can arrest!/Detain but No Boom Boom!
** It’s ill advised to report something way after the fact an incident from the past you heard about (that you didn’t witness yourself). And what was not mentioned above you add yourself into the mix for nasty retribution from that Asswipe when the Cops find there’s nothing they can do and you get the Bonus of being the focus of his wrath! You don’t need that noise in your life Brother.

Now I need another Job—Great!


Was anyone else shot while breaking a window? What about the officers that were pushed by the crowd, utterly overwhelmed and out manned by the crowd? Why didn’t any of those officers use deadly force since their lives were immediately threatened by disparity of force?


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“Where’s the beef?”

Maybe the other Cops were ‘in on the scheme’ and Wanabe Cop-boy wasn’t?
Somebody never got the memo from tasty-Puddin’… so sad



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They were both wearing those Buffalo helmets and he said

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Yur Twisted Brother!


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