Always train and be prepared - Welcome to Chicago

I hope I used the proper category… I hesitated for a moment if this post should be here… or perhaps in “Fun/Humorous” category…

Anyway, I went through few latest video taken from LEO body cams and found this one a little worrying and interesting enough to be watched here.

Whole video is 6 minutes long however the most important parts are:

  • first 20 seconds to get a picture of the initial situation

  • 3:10 → lady Officer draws her Glock, takes 1 or 2 or 3 one handed shots (hard to tell how many) while retreating

  • 3:30 → her Glock jammed and look what happens next… :scream:

  • go back to 2:00 (other Officer’s cam) and check how the lady Officer is handling the firearm…

That was the worst policing I had ever seen, but that was not my concern.
This is another example how important is to practice and train exactly the same way as you are going to use the firearm if needed.
You must remember all 4 firearm safety rules, especially this one about waiving it everywhere and muzzling everybody around plus your own hand.
You must know how to shoot with proper grip to avoid malfunctions.
You must know how to safely clear malfunction if it unfortunately happens
You must know what the holster is and when to use it
You must know that firearm in your hand is not just piece of plastic or metal. If you are in danger, keep it ready, if you don’t need it - keep it in holster. You don’t walk with it like with cigarette.

Thank God those Officers are patrolling those streets that I will never visit… especially at 2 am. :zipper_mouth_face:


Thank you for sharing this when my mind’s already made up that I’m buying my first Glock :astonished:


@BeanCounter Buy it. :+1:


Yes, I’m ready to go to the dark side, just not sure if it’s the 19, 26 or 43. Or in 45ACP.
I’m gifting myself for my 10th anniversary as a gun owner.
That also means I’m selling one or two. I promised myself I won’t reach double digits in firearms owned.


Let’s just stay with the term she used: “f@$%#n’ gun” :grin:

I’m sure it’s not about Glock. She would do this with any pistol. However a little cut in magwell would help with better purchase on the baseplate. She should go with M&P 2.0 instead of Glock next time.


A jar of Jam would have jammed in her hand.


You just need to shift the decimal point over one space to the left so you can feel that you are still in the single digit range;) It helps to save money in the long run when you realize you really miss the ones you sold and then have to pay full price again to get them back.

I’m a big fan of the Glock 9s. Love my bedside G19. I haven’t succeeded in jamming it yet in well over a decade​:fist::wood:. Really like the compact 43 as well except for the low capacity. Are the 43x and 48 still not options in your neck of the woods?


I think that she NEEDS to return to the Police Academy to be retaught Firearm operations, and Firearm Safety


Just sad to watch her handle her weapon.





Welcome Brian! To the USCCA Continental !
Where our good looks will get us to Charon,
but our Gun handling will get us a room.
Train like your life depends on it.
(because it does!)
Carry on Mister.



Not sure I’d use the word 'sad". Maybe ‘scary’.


Buy it. Thousands of rounds thru my 17 and never a jam.
Have other guns, but she was my first and still my favorite. Not a concealed for me (I’m small), but my favorite home defense/range/competition gun. Never fails. I trust her over others.


Nice manipulation, glad she’s on our side, D’OH!
My grandson was handling all sorts of manipulations by the time he was 14. My wife always commented on how cool it was to see him fix a malfunction and return to battery, in seconds!
Now he can accomplish that like John Wick, blindfolded!

This “officer” #1 is lucky to be alive, #2 she’d be better off with a stick!


@Brian564 Welcome to our community we are glad to have you with us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Everything is about passion, training and repetitions.

I understand that some people do not have “this thing” and have no idea why they carry the firearm (perhaps because it looks cool?)… but laziness and lack of willing to train drives me nuts.

I know a lot of LEOs who have no time to practice / train regularly, but as least they do something to be somehow proficient with handling the firearms… and do not be a danger to others.


Welcome to the family brother @Brian564 and God bless you sir.


The honest truth is that the police departments in the United States are lowering the hiring standards. No one wants to be LEOs any more so they are scraping the bottom of the barrel. When I went into LE I wanted to have a career not a job. To the people coming on now it’s just a paycheck. LEOs are retiring early because they are not respected. It’s ashamed that this is an ongoing trend. That video says it all.


You need to change the way you count. If you have 1 Glock and 1 Sig then you have 2 firearms. If you have 5 Glocks and 5 Sigs you still have only 2 firearms. :slight_smile:


wise words here!!! :point_up_2: