Alternate Home Defense Measure...Dogs

I know there was another topic on this, but no pictures posted of the pooches.
Here are mine. Maxi Doodle is a 6 year old Pit Bull / Lab Mix.
Geno is a Alaskan Malamute / German Shepard mix and is 5 years old.
Both are rescues…


Awesome looking dogs brother and I do believe there was a tread I believe it was called “It has come to our neighborhood.”


Nice looking dogs. I might have to get a few pics of mine too.


My 9 year old put her foot down and said no to the dog situation, of course we all know that the nine-year-old daughter runs the House. So we have about 4 fish tanks and 8 birds. Talking about a break-in alarm somebody comes walking through my front door those birds go nuts and they get loud.


They look great. I’d say “Additional” home defense measures.

There was that one photo when the RIOTS were going on, I think it was in NYC, when they had private armed personnel, the windows were boarded up and had concertina wire over them. I think it was Tiffany’s or some other high end retailer…

The armed personnel all had a german shepherd on a leash! That was the scary and intimidating part.
No one messed with them.


“Never deny the bark of a dog.”


Learned a valuable lesson 40 plus years ago, when we lived in the country and got burgled while we were at work. The sheriff said they were pros who maced both dogs that were in the house.

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@NickC those are beautiful dogs. They look very healthy and very well taken care of. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you @scorpionind65!


Your welcome, @NickC. Dogs have had a special place be our sides for thousands of years. It has been a long relationship benefiting both sides. Their keen senses warn us of danger before we are aware of what is going on.

Dogs are the loyalest friends we have. God Bless you are your family.


My labrabull Storm looks like a happy dog but she’s very good in alerting me about strangers or visitors.


My Jaxx, he is our alarm system :grin::grin:


I think seeing Jaxx’s bared teeth face in the window would be a little more than just a alarm system! :smiley:

beautiful boy ya got there


Thank you sir @Marcus64 hes a handful, thats for sure. :grin::grin:


Sadly, I don’t have a dog at the moment. :anguished:

I do however have a cat that has somewhat of a crappy attitude…I would certainly not be above throwing her in anyone’s face if I had to. :rofl:


Cats make great home defense


Through my professional life I have managed to be away from home a LOT. Because of this for many years he was the main guardian of the homestead. He was professionally trained for protection work and was damned good at it. This dog busted and then flew through my truck window when he thought someone was trying to approach my wife with bad intentions.

My wife and kids slept like babies with him around, specially since when I was not home he would take advantage of the situation and sleep on my side of the bed, ON MY PILLOW! He barked, bit and did take-downs on command and yet the young triplets next door used him as a pony when they came to visit.

He passed away a few years ago and I have not had the heart to replace him because I REALLY do not think I’ll ever get another one as good as him.


That is a great story about your companion.


@Enzo_T I lost My Pitbull/Lab 3 years ago at the time he was 11 years old from cancer. I cried like a baby. He protected our home, my wife and my grand kids. What a wonderful pet he was. I still have his sister from the same litter and she’s 15 years old. It’s hard to let her go.


My first dog was a Black German Shepard named Frosty Dan, that don’t have an oz. of quit in him. Trained him to be a K-9. He won the field national trials 4 years in a row and no matter what my biological male patent or anyone else thought. Frosty thought I was his person.

So the Rottie, and American Bulldog are my trained protection dogs, the Jack Russell is my alarm dog, and the Husky is there to argue with me and tell me her opinions.

They are all also spoiled rotten.