Guard Dogs

I train dogs that I rescue from the Humane Society. Want to see what nearly a thousand of hours of training a K-9 looks like? That stance of alertness and quivering anticipation.

Notice the pose that he uses to fool any evildoers into complete indifference.

85 pounds of pure American Bulldog, certified K-9. That’s what you get for your guardian needs.


That is the “I am home. I am Confident, and since you are here YOU have the watch. I got your back.” look.




Yeah, but let someone ring that doorbell or knock on the door…then it’s game on if he’s anything like my dog…a couple short barks and full attention from where she heard the noise… :slight_smile:


Awesome pictures…they get a bad rap.


This is his “It’s bed time, just in case you forgot” look

The little Jack Russell is the noisemaker. God have mercy upon you if he comes charging down after the Jack Russell. He is whisper quiet and fast so when all that hits you are going down.


Thanks for rescuing the dogs!:+1: I especially love the “bully” breeds. Always had a curiosity about Schzuten? canine training & scent training.


He looks abused & neglected like my two spoiled ass dogs. I made the mistake of getting male & female litter mates when I got Colt and Remington. They stay at my mothers house during the week when I go to work, so mom treats them like they are twin grandchildren.

if one gets a treat the other one gets a treat too because their “twins”.


Should have typed They’re not Their. Blame my public school edulation.


Have to be fair to children…and dogs


Yeah, my Jack Russell is allergic to everthing, including himself, whereas my Husky is healthy as can be. She keeps count of all the “treats” ( medication) he gets and if she doesn’t get that many. She starts " arguing with my wife about it.

My Husky is quite talkative. All of my K-9’s are with my daughter but we are dog sitting for her while she is out of town.


My mom always asks if I’m bringing the fur grandbabies alone when I come over with her granddaughter and great-granddaughter. She spoils the dogs as much as she spoils the great-granddaughter!


Well this is our “Cat-Dog” lays on the back of my wife’s chair…always watching out the front window. Many invisible Ninjas have been chastised with a sound barking from his vantage point.


But if the old man is in his recliner then he is “Lap Dog” protector of the realm and the King’s Hand. :laughing: :sweat_smile: :wink: :rofl:


My protector of…um…IDK :joy: I will say though sometimes he forgets his a little dog and thinks he is ruler of the land :laughing::joy:


A couple of years back I had 2 Huskies, a Rottie, an American Bulldog, and a Pit bull. Plus my 18 pound Jack Russel. The company that picks up our trash had got a new truck, so they were changing garbage cans out. The Jack Russell comes down barking his fool head off so all the other dogs go. Then my 2 K-9’s bark once each, and I’m like hmmm I better go see what this is about.

They had the garbage can guy pinned halfway up my backstairs holding a garbage can between him and the dogs. So when I got there my Jack Russel is barking his fool head off while the others are laying there at bottom of stairs letting him admire their teeth.

He had looked in the back yard to see if I had another garbage can there

To this day he won’t get out of the truck on garbage day. My Jack Russell was strutting around like he had run the guy up there.

I’m thinking it was the 2 Huskies,Rottie, Pit Bull, and American Bulldog. But my Jack Russel is convinced he is twice his big and 3 times his bad. But that’s why I keep the little ankle biter around. His bark is my alarm ( or at least one of them.)


My Cleo girl is a pit bull mix and she’s 15 years old. I mentioned her brother Rock who was also with us died of cancer at age 11 and me and my wife miss him dearly. Anyways this is a pic of Cleo in her killer mode watching over us like a palace guard.


I truly hope we are reunited with our dogs when we’re done on this earth. Our last pit was 22 & very active til the last 7 or 8 months when he was euthanized. A good diet, some exercise, and a lot of attention helped get him to 22 years.


@Johnnyq60 being you’ve had M/F litter mates like Cleo & Rock, I dread the future when I’ll have to put down the first of my pair M/F litter mates. Must take the other dog several weeks to adjust?


Wow! reminds me of my dog as a kid even the little white diamond on his chest


She’s out lived him by 4 years and she’s getting older and I know what I went through with Rock and I know it will be hard again.