Training dogs for defense


Like the staff of the USCCA, you all are dog people too!

You’ve shared pictures of your awesome dogs (Security and noise makers),
do you train them for home defense or to defend you? If so, how to do you train them? (Video and informational links are always welcome.)


We have 2 chow chows I’d hate to walk in our house in the middle of the night and disturb their sleep lol. They are very protective of us and their home but we dont train them for defense it is bred in them though!


When I was 13 in 1974 our neibor was training dobermans to do all sorts of aggressive things. That was the decade with The Doberman Gang movies. My dad walked to the side of the back fence, called guy over and proceeded to inform him what he’d do if those dogs ever hurt one of the kids in the neighborhood. Dad was holding one of his long guns. The guy turned white and obviously scared. Dad was a big man and didn’t need a weapon to make an impression.

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