The one day…

I’ve been walking with my dog, off leash, the last month of the morning because of the heat. I haven’t had any problems with motorists as we walk the road. I’ve trained my dog that when I say CAR, he gets off the road or comes stands by me in the grass.

Since I haven’t had any problems with drivers all being nice and conscious of my dog and I; I thought to myself before heading out- I don’t need to strap up since everyone has been very nice. So nice that at the U-turn where we turn to come back, a car came along with my dog and I in the middle of the road with me shooshing him off the road. I said sorry and the driver say no worries and drives off. Of course I reenforced the CAR command again (no hitting).

What happens this morning about an hour ago? I’m walking the dog, I hear a car coming and I say CAR Bandit. He comes over to stand next to me and the guy, 18-20 of age, has his window down and yells out of it: get your F’ing dog out of the road and don’t stop. It takes a second for what that a-hole said to sink in and I reach in my pocket for the OC spray to have it ready in my hand. I return the F U comment accompanied with :point_up:. I wasn’t far from the house and I stop in strapped up, drop the dog off and continue with my walk without incident.

Now I’m thinking will this a-hole come by again purposely looking for my dog to run him over. It would be a bad day for him if he did and I saw it. Which brings up a question:
Can you defend your pet like you can a person from getting killed?


That’s a complex question. In Utah pets are property so you can’t defend them like you can a person. That said, Say, a guy comes by, see’s you, turns around and on purpose runs over your four legged friend. IF he turns around and comes back for a third time I suppose you might have a case for self defense. He clearly meant harm to Fido and you could ‘reasonably’ believe he meant harm to you so…


If you love your dog:

  • keep him on the leash
  • dont let him walk in the middle of the road

This way, you dont leave it up to other people whether your dog is OK.

Also, next time an a-hole identifies him or herself verbally or by a hand signal - just tell them to have a nice day. This way you keep your stress hormones down and keep your hands steady, should you need that.


Found an interesting article about arguments for defending your pet. A bit long but you have nothing better to do, it’s a good read.

Totally understand the instinctual exchange of niceties!
However, I’ve also learned to never reciprocate! I leave that to the wife.
I prefer to look dumbfounded and everyone goes about their day without any animosity! No worries of anyone seeking revenge!
There are some sick people out there!

In addition, sh*t doesn’t happen on a schedule, I’m strapped 24/7/365
At the very least I’m wearing a neck knife to the mailbox!

The law might be murky on the protection of a pet, but in most states, I think it’s clear, that your pet must be on a leash outdoors.

Just out of curiosity, do you have any life saving commands for your dog!
My wife used to own Dobermans, ( Primo and Apollo ) one word from her and bad guys lose their capacity to reproduce!


No life saving commands. He is too much of a sack of sugar. He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had and I want to kept him that way. Just yelling at him makes him hide half the day.


I understand completely. I have an attack cat and I’ve become the sack of sugar!


My bandito as a puppy


In that case “deadly force is authorized”…

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He even has a. BIg black spot on his back like Snoopy from Peanuts.


Dog guy here, with lots of training.

In public, dogs belong on a leash. Here it’s the law (would be illegal to have dog off leash and also be illegal to be walking on foot in the road). Beyond being illegal, I would not want my dog, on or off leash, in the middle of the road, dogs get killed by cars, IMO, dogs shouldn’t be trained/conditioned to think that walking down the road is ever somewhere they should be. Across side to side ASAP on leash when it has to be done. One reason is random surprise firework, or car backfire, or other disturbance. Another is unexpected attack from another dog or dogs. Or from people. Risk of injury or death to a dog skyrockets in public off leash


Another though, avoidance and deescalation are the winners. Yelling obscenities at an angry person not quite preferred


You must have my one cat’s sibling



And the unfortunate answer in Probably Not.
Now My opinion (which isn’t worth much)
You can DEFEND your life and Pet if ATTACKED!
If the A-hole has a weapon, Assaults you tries to hurt Bandit.
Pulls a gun himself, Blast away.
If some BooB tried to run me down, I don’t Run/Roll well anymore,
I Splat!
But, is your life in danger, your Pet? I don’t know if any of us can but
is it PROVABLE he Threatened your families life? Run you guy’s over?
WE are under the Gun (so to speak)
WE have to prove we were truly DEFENDING OURSELVES.
If we can’t we will be Drawn and Quartered in Public Opinion by the Gun Hating Media !
And then (if still alive) he will sue you for all you’ve got! It SUCKS!

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Aw! You are such teddy bears! I christen thee : Sir William ‘The teddy bear’ One-ninety-One and
‘Bandito "the Lion-hearted’’ You guy’s deserve Peace, happiness and a long life together.
:vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:


This is my ‘Fire team’ bruh,

Holley (Top tier, of course)
Momma of her adopted crew
then L to R: Shug, Beans, Shadow (grey like yours) and Goggles !
Bottom left is: ‘Dante’
Lizard killer elite squad!


If I am understanding you, while you are walking your dog, the numb skull is putting you in jeaperdy as well. Sounds like self defense situation to me. At the very lease, a show of force may help greatly.

My wife’s cat looks like that, too, with white chest, feet, but also has a small smudge of white on its nose.


Lots of animal lovers here! How people treat and love their animals says everything about their character to me. I’m glad to know good people like you all, even if it’s just on a USCCA forum. My oldest cat Blu is my avatar pic. We also have 2 others that have “followed” my lovely wife home (I can’t blame them!!) :grin: I love both cats and dogs, but my little old dog died at about 18 years old or so and I never wanted another.

Anyway, I agree with the advice that 1. The dog is best on the leash, no matter how well behaved he is, just for his own safety 2. Don’t return verbal fire at the a-holes, just move to condition Orange, and 3, always be carrying. I have my pocket revolver with me from the moment I get out of bed (where it was on the nightstand) til I put it back there at night. I may add a pistol in an OWB under a shirt, but the revolver is always there as a baseline. It has become so much a part of me that I feel odd on the very rare occasion I need to leave it behind (going to a school, voting, etc).


Holley has that “Damn Kids” look on her face…


If someone threatens and attacks my dog, I am defending it no matter the consequences. My one exception to all the defense restrictions.