Albany 2013 50BMG 200 round burst

A very rare gun and beautiful gun. Thank you, Saint John.

This shows the loading and firing of a 200 round belt of .50 BMG ammo through a water-cooled Browning Machine Gun!
The gun is mounted in a rare anti-aircraft mount commonly called the Tora Tora mount.
The gun was made by Frigidaire, the fridge people, during WW2.
This was at a full auto event in Albany OR. The Albany Rifle and Pistol Club have a large 2 day shoot every May.
In the still photos following the video, you can see daylight through the car target! It got sawn in half!


nice. :+1:


That’s some very expensive fun given the prices I’ve seen for .50bmg!:money_mouth_face:


SGammo had it for $2.79/round about 10 months ago. 660 grains of goodness for not much more than 6.5cm.


That’s the cheapest price I’ve heard of for .50bmg. But even that still comes out to well over $500 for 30 seconds or so of fun.

Guess I should be glad I can’t afford a machine gun since I couldn’t afford to feed it properly anyways;)


Got to agree there, and cripe, I can have a ball with .22lr. Marlin 60, 14 round “burst”…42 cents :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s been some talk lately about China invading the US I forget the reason stated why china would. However seeing a video like this and hearing all the auto firing in the background makes me think yeah sure. The US civilian population is pert near as well armed as the military.


From the comments. :slightly_smiling_face:

—There is a lot of speculation about how much this cost. Firstly, it is his hobby, so who cares what he spent. Second, he does reload, so the cost is not nearly as expensive as many guess it is. By using recycled military “pulldown” components, he is able to keep it to UNDER $1 per round.
BTW, this was not the only 200 round burst he did at this event. IIRC, he went thru ~2000 rounds of .50BMG and upwards of 6000 rounds of .30-06 reloads thru other beltfeds he owns. (See my other videos, Albany Spring Full Auto at 6:48 mark, and M1895 “Potato Digger”)


I have a Marlin model 60 myself. Awsome like plinker. Love it.