Looking for a 12ga to buy

I’ve been trying to buy a Mossberg Combat spec. 12ga. Can find no used ones and every seller I try they are out of stock for the new ones, with no restock date. Any suggestions?

Try calling/visiting the local brick and mortar. Anyone that posts a HD shotty on line today gets immediate responses. You may have one sitting a short drive from your home.

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Thanks will do!

I have to put this on all my posts!
I have one available it’s yours for $75,000,000.00 plus tax, tags and title!
Also selling all my ammo at $1,000,000 a round, sorry, shipping is definitely extra!
If that guy can get in the White House and take credit for the Trump Vaccine, open the borders, there’s someone out there, that will take me up on my generous offer! Shortly I’ll be selling my well water at $50,000 an ounce, have you seen the price of ammo, I’m just trying to build back better!
I’m looking to buy an island and getting back to NORMAL!


Does that come with a bridge in Brookland?


Nope that’ll be extra. Don’t you know what a bridge cost? Pfff and you want one for free.

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I like the Winchester SRX 18.5". It’s inexpensive compared to certain models

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Remington 870 or a plain simple Maverick 88 either should function fine Hunt or Home.


I picked up a Winchester SPX and I love it. Upgraded the stock to a pistol grip and it is awesome! Inexpensive and reliable.

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Most local shops have a good pump on the shelf, used or new.