Federal Hunter Match .22 LR 40GR

I’ve been trying to find some of this since long before the pandemic and other craziness. I finally found a place that has it in stock (In case you’ve been looking also).

Federal Hunter Match 500rd bricks

Normally .08-.10 anyway, so $.0114/rd including S&H for two bricks seems reasonable in this climate.


Ahhhh long gone are the days of a box of 50 22LR was a $1.00. I did manage to buy a PALLET of a particular Remington load that my precision rifles loved back in 94 and still have a fair bit of it. My Dad and the sales guy were aghast that I wanted the whole thing (pallet) but helped me load it into Dad’s truck and I transferred it into my already overloaded truck as I was leaving Camp Perry and the Navy wanted to dump all of the non shot ammo. That little Toyota SR5 Turbo squeaked, creaked and groaned all the way home. It took forever to get to 65 and even longer to slow down. The good old days.




I’m normally the guy who is next after the last guy bought the last one, but I now see that these are out of stock again. We’ll see if I get a tracking number!

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