Kudos To GrabAGun

I was SICK of price-shopping and availability - I had a premonition about this website which panned out. I found my entire new “using” collection, and bought the guns I wanted in separate orders to better account for them. Now it’s time to get back on that “hit parade”, and ammo-shop - Lucky Gunner, PSA, and Optics Planet.


Congrats. Do you find deals at those places? I usually find them to be priced very high, especially Lucky Gunner.


Ammo shopping, check out www.targetsportsusca.com and www.sgammo.com

If you buy much ammo, quantity or frequency, or a collection of different calibers, joining the target sports usa membership is worth it IME


I know youve been shopping, comparing and evaluating for some time now. I’m curious what you settled on.

NOT for $95, I won’t - could they jam their website any more full?

Read my reply to Joseph488.

For ammo, keep an eye on Bucking Horse Outpost; they have some good sales. Also Bud’s Gun Shop.

It’s not hard to come out way ahead on money.

But you do probably have to be a shooter that goes through ammo in quantity.

They have good prices and 8% off makes them even better, and always free shipping on any quantity.

I have saved probably into the thousands by now over the years as a member…$95 is almost nothing next to an annual ammo budget

BTW: They do sales for members, and not just on ammo

Think $7 Glock OEM 15 round Gen 5 magazine or $7 PMAG 30 round 5.56 Gen3 or $68 Magpul D60 5.56 drum

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ALL my guns were what THEY describe as full-size - a Walther black PPK/S - a Beretta “Storm” and S & W 2.0 in .40 - and an S & W 2.0 4.6" barrel in .45. If you’ve read my rants, I would’ve preferred a Walther PP - the original design, with a 3.9" barrel, 4.5" barrels in the .40’s, and a 5" for the .45 - but as I’ve said, we’re stuck with what’s out there. Next stop is DPMs for the Smiths, but these are price-inflexible. I followed up with a hefty ammo order to GrabAGun, too - after I compared prices and shipping, they’ve got PSA, LG, and Optics Planet beat - what I saved per box paid the flat $12.99 shipping and $1.99 insurance. My last adventure regards FALCO holsters - I’ve asked them how much of an ALL-nylon holster they can make for me with a reinforced thumb-break, based on their #804 “Walker” - it’s an open-top with a sweat-guard, and the only belt holster I’ve seen with a rotating clip that lets you adjust the cant - it might serve as a “4-in-1”, depending on the degree of rotation. AMEN & FAREWELL

EUREKA! GrabAGun has better ammo pricing than PSA, LG, or Optics Planet,as well - someone suggested Bucking Horse Outlet & Bud’s Gun Shop, too. Sometimes not paying attention to your competition can “price you out of the market”.

I’ve never found grab a gun to have best ammo price.

Would you mind (understand if you don’t want to!) sharing what the ammo order was? Full disclosure: I want to see if any of my go-to retailers can beat it.

I bought too many to list here - when I looked at CCI “Blazer Brass”, GAG wanted $22.09/50 - LG wanted a flat $26 - for .380 range ammo. All up-and-down my list, I was saving at least $2-$3 a box - I threw the list out after a couple of comparisons, and this included PSA, LG, and Optics Planet, whose website is a genuine UPITA. How about 90-grain PMC for $16.99, versus $24.00 at LG? I thought I’d gone blind!

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It’s not important, but another reason I’m happy about this is having examples of blow-back, rotating-barrel, and tilting-barrel designs in one swoop. Wildeys are still made, but gas-operation I’ll leave to shotguns.

Bud’s Gun Shop is offering CCI Blazer Brass 9mm, FMJ for $11.99/50. Several others have it for $12.49 up to $15.99 a box, some with better shipping rates than others.

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If you purchase ammo online you need the “BCA” (Bulk Cheap Ammo) app. Let’s you monitor availability and price for dozens of sellers. Also check out Target Sports USA…their free shipping membership can pay for itself on your first order.

THX - Added to my growing list!

I was just talking about my long running target sports usa membership in this thread. :wink:

I don’t usually pay for the membership on the first order, but, yeah, you sure could you are dead on.

I’ve never not easily come out ahead for the course of each year’s membership