True shot ammo

Thumbing through my email and came across one from True Shot. I was only looking at caliber and pricing when saw 9mm for $231 on sale. I I thought not a bad deal, I just might get some of that. Then I looked at how many I would get for that price, 500. That’s 46 cents per round for ball ammo!

Think I’ll unsubscribe from them.


I’ve used True Shot multiple times without issue. Even took back the lot of turkish 7.62x51 that was causing problems- no questions asked. They currently have Norma 124 priced @ $240/1,000.
Are you sure you didn’t click on the bundle with the Norma 9mm & (2) S&W knives?

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I was only looking at the email they sent me showing 9mm from mag tech. No knives in the pic in the email.

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looks like they had a bad ad copywriter, per their web site that price is for 1000rds, $140 for 500.
just didn’t want you to pass on a supplier that generally has competitive prices across the board. Beside we need your sales tax revenue here in AZ :joy: