Lgs ammo

I went to an LGS today to complete a transfer from out of state and they had what these days amounts to a good stock of ammo. There were pallets of 9 mil in a couple of brands…Federal and Winchester. The Federal was going for $529/1000. They also had bulk boxes of 5.56 and .223.

The back shelf was equally well supplied with single boxes of six or eight different brands. Minimum price of $26.99/50. That might be decent pricing these days but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that. Plus, I just spent all my money for the pistol so big money for ammo was not in the picture.

Anyone else seeing decent ammo stocks? I joked to the counter man that they must have been hoarding the ammo but he said that it was actually fairly recent deliveries.


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I can’t believe the price of 9mm. SMH


Not here in Salem Oregon. LGS’s have rifle ammo and .44 mag. Anything else that comes in is gone same day. Tried to preorder from Optics Planet, delivery date was end of March 2021. Ammo isn’t impossible to find but people are charging more than SD prices for plinking ammo. My common sense just won’t let me pay it.

Shelves are bare here, even oddball calibers in rifle. Ammo? What ammo?


I can walk in any store here and get 300WSM, do I own a rifle to use it, no!


Yeah don’t care about well stocked until the price goes back to near normal. Just me.

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Yep, I’m not paying $50 for 50 rounds of 115gr 9mm.:rage:

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I only meant to point out that a rather large amount of 9mm ammo was now available on the shelf where it had recently been in very short supply or even missing entirely. I find the prices to be outrageous and won’t purchase until they come down. That being said, a quick check of AmmoSeek or similar sites will show that $00.53 per round for Federal 9mm, 115 gr, FMJ is a little bit below current market prices. That doesn’t make it a good price, just slightly better.

In all things there is a world of difference between “better” and “good.”

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Just curious, I remember when .19 per rd of 9mm 115 gr ball was high…

But today the average price for 9mm 115 JHP is around .99 per rd… or about $19.99 per 20 rd box… plus or minus depending on brand.

Yes, .53 is high for ball (FMJ), but everything has gone up.

I was buying 9mm 115 gr ball for $9.99 and and that was the price for Federal and Winchester just a few short months ago.

I still have some ammo, .410 with a price of $3.75 on it… and I can not find it that cheap today…

What price point is too high? Each person has their own limits, but what is the cost that is prohibitive in general.

Friend runs a local shop. He has some 10mm and a handful of other calibers. He told me his distributor (on last Friday) had told him that Remington who produces 40% of US ammo hasn’t made anything for a few months because of the bankruptcy issue, Winchester is building out a huge government contract, and between the craziness of this year and the current political climate demand is higher than ever. Supposedly, the new owners of Remington Ammo already have $1Billion worth of ammo already resold, so they’ll be cranking up to fill orders, but he thinks things will be tight for quite a while yet…

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