Alabama, and shelter in place. The lies MSM tells

I will be the first to admit that Alabama is not perfect, but this is a picture perfect useage of :cherries: picking stats to make your argument look better.

What prompted this was a New York times article that was behind their pay wall. This article came up as related and everyone could see. It said Alabama was only behind New York (as a per capita percentage) for the spread of the Covid 19 virus after the initial 10 days.

Here are a couple of FACTS they left out.

  1. The reason Alabama has seen such an increase, is because of UAB. UAB is one of the top 5 research and Public Health Hospitals in the country. Yearly, UAB funds it’s hospital side with research through NIH.

  2. UAB was designated as a Palliative Care/Research Hospital and we are taking in neighboring states Covid 19 cases for study and research. With the designation it has it allows it’s researchers to work on vaccines, clinical studies and/or cures by cutting out the FDA time consuming permissions process until they are ready for human trials.

  3. 2 Counties have issued shelter in place orders. Jefferson County and Mobile County. That’s probably 70%+ of our population.

Even without shelter in place in a couple of other Cities, Alabama’s citizens are sheltering in place. We just don’t need the Government to tell us to.

What this article is, is pure filth, by insinuating that Kay Ivey is willing to gamble with people’s lives. She isn’t and the MSM as usual is going for the sensationalized topic, and not telling the entire truth. Just enough to smear, and titillate.


Right now all I can say about MSM, is karma is a …!
No one has to tell me to shelter in place. I, unfortunately, am hunkered down and ashamed to admit quite scared. I guess it’s age related!


Some people didn’t pay attention in history…

BUT We defeated the worlds biggest army at the time over a tea-tax and it could happen again…
We are the biggest army in the world NOW—American Gun-Owners…So they need to remember who is in charge…


Sheltered here in Tuscaloosa, strange I did not need to be told to do this.


I place MSNBC in the same category as CNN, the CommunistNewsNetwork. OANN-OneAmerica News is my source for real and factual news, not liberal propaganda 24/7.


Fox is at least that bad, in the other direction. Today, with no Walter Cronkite, we must sift through multiple news sources, to hopefully find a semblance of the truth. And for what it is worth, I have a degree in journalism, and my professors are all rolling in their graves at today’s lack of objectivity.


No problem dealing with bias in opinion shows such as Hannity or Madcow. However, in a show claiming itself to be ‘news’, then not so much.


The other thing that really irks me. They don’t even mention that it isn’t the Government that is leading the way in getting people tested.

It’s Churches.

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My grandfather on my mom’s side too!
Matter of fact. I remember after he got sick and had to retire from State Editor, he became the Time’s worst critic.

I hate how far on both journalism is. A reporter has to stand outside of an issue not clearly focusing on either view…[As you know. & better than myself at that]

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What I think some people fear is the fear of the unknown and the people that did not prepare. The fear is the unprepared will get in their cars, gas stations are still open by the way, and go anywhere they want to get what they need. So even people that live off the grid or in rural areas need to be on their toes regarding strangers. We’ll see.

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The State of Alabama department that handles gun transfers closed that department so a new gun that was delivered on 3/24 is being held in limbo at least until 4/9 .
Luckily I already own close to 40 guns and have close to 10,000 rounds of ammo in each caliber to fit each of my guns, it is just annoying a gun I ordered and paid for before the Covid 19 outbreak is being held as a hostage because of the state of Alabama.

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Bill I’m confused, probably by my lack knowledge. Anyway, I thought the only check being done at purchase/transfer was the ATF Form 4473 and that it is done through the federal system. I think it took all of 15-20 min. fill out the form and to run my check back in Feb. What check is done at our state level. Thanks

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BTW-- since our state politicians are touting how the gun stores are ‘essential’ business and can remain open if you can not pick up your firearm what is the point.

edit to remove ‘political class’ and replaced with ‘state politicians’ which is more technically correct.

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Here’s are two helpful blog posts about gun purchasing:

In WI we have a federal and state form.

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Just purchased a SCAR last week, took about an hour completing the 4473 and background check.

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In Alabama it is done at the state level from what my local gun store owner told me yesterday . What ever department at the state level closed that department do to the Covid-19 outbreak. He said he has a stack about 3" tall of gun transfers that are in the same delay status as my new Ruger AR 556 pistol in 300 Blackout caliber. The delay can be up till 4/9 or longer until the State reopens that particular department and then it will probably take the several weeks to run the massive amount of transfers that have been piling up.

OH has a state background check requirement, and although the store is closed, they are still fulfilling orders by appointment only (or were last week).
I would expect it will be handled this way in a lot of places.

Everyone, please remember to take the high road, no name calling - even of the news media who like to put their own spin on things. Talking about what they do is one thing, calling them names not only weakens our comments, but makes it harder for people to take our opinion seriously.

Keeping your comments to verifiable details will improve your position in any discussion. Name calling nullifies statements. In the immortal words of Joe Friday, Just the facts.

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Agree 100%

FWIW, Bill I live in Tuscaloosa, I was just talking with a good friend and neighbor about this. He is picking up a new sig tomorrow at one of our local dealers. He immediately got on the phone and asked if there was going to be a pick up delay due to state office closure or anything else. Our dealer says absolutely NO. He said nothing has changed and as long as the ATF clears and you have your ID no problem. I don’t know why there would be a difference at your dealer. I’ll follow up this post after my friends picks up his new Sig.