Alabama, and shelter in place. The lies MSM tells

Thanks ,it would be great if you could keep me posted on this. I live in Shelby county and I got the same story from 2 different FFL Dealers it would be interesting to see if this is my just a county issue…

Not a problem in Jefferson County either.

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I wish too have read the last one before went for last purchase…

I straight up took the background not realizing din’t have too no more.

Neighbor picked up his new SIG, no delay.


I called Shelby county today and they claimed to not have anything to do with the process . My new Gun that I ordered for a class coming up ( I’m a USCCA certified instructor ) is still stuck in limbo on the delay pile at my local FFL Dealer and will be until the 9th after my class. Screwed by some branch of the Government either State or Federal.

Bill Johnson

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I picked up my gun finally on 4/3/20 after going to the FFL Dealer and showing him a link to the FBI’S website stating that if the FFL Dealer does not get an approval on the gun then they can release the gun because 3 days is the Maximum they can delay it under Federal Law.


Interesting that you should bring this back up. I literally just got off the phone with a friend who went to our local Academy Sports and bought a handgun. He said it took them all of 5 min. to get his approved, but here’s the interesting part. The sales person told him that something “weird” is going on with the approval process and that they have a stack waiting that have “holds” on them anywhere from 3 to 30 days. Frankly, I don’t have a clue what the issue might be.

I have purchased a gun in the last month or so and it took a couple of days for my check to go through. I’ve never had it take more than a couple of minutes.

I’m guessing mine was the volume of people. I wonder if they are using a different algorithm right now. :thinking:

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I’ve bought 3 in this quarter and none took more than a few min. I’m wondering about the word “hold” being used to describe the delay some are seeing while other’s are not. It appears something has changed…

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I always have gotten approved in 1 sec maybe 2 but not realizing my CHP covered background since I’m fairly new lisend holder I got put on wait.

I went back and got it after and this was three or 4 weeks ago at Academy. My gun shop did not have ANYTHING!!