AK cases

Hi all. While looking forward to having time one day to shoot this AK-V, it sits in a safe in a rifle case. The AR case is much too large so I ordered a 28" AK case. It came the other day but is far shy of 28" even on the outside. It is also VERY tall for the platform. I’d like to find a true 28" x 11" ID (up to 30" x 12" ID) inexpensive case/bag. It will be used only for fun trips to/from the range in the car.

The case being returned

I’m open to great ideas (I’m surprised that PSA doesn’t offer one on their site…

I absolutely love this one, but it won’t accommodate the 28" length. (It fits the Evo and CMR though!)


I bought a few of these a year ago. I use mine for my AR9 and CX4. My kids use them for airsoft gun cases and throw them around The dirt and stuff. They’re holding up really well.

[Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Short Barrel Rifle Gun Case Firearm Bag - Suitable for Subgun Bullpups Carbine Shotgun SMG SBR AR AK Pistol, Available Length in 24" 28" 32" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FNF7RCQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_lwt-Eb864TWYW]

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Thank you! I actually tried one of those (it was returned also). The many clips/clasps got caught on everything. I don’t think that I’m as “tactical” as the average guy on here. lol

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Saviour does make some other models. This one:

Doesn’t have all the clips on the exterior.

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And you got me to be smarter about my search. none of these are in that $18 range, but I do have some options. Thank you!

Savior Covert Specialist 30"
Savior Equipment Specialist Series 30” Covert Discreet Tactical SBR Rifle Bag
Savior Equipment T.G.B 30" Discreet Tactical Rifle Soft Case Multi-Firearm Carrier Shoulder Sling Pack Padded Bug-Out Bag For Concealed Carry
UTG ABC Sling Pack 30" Multi-Firearm Case w/Electric Blue
Leapers PVC-PSP30BN Black/Electric Blue 30" Multi-Firearm Sling Pack/Carrier

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