Holder for ar

So guys I was watching a review of brigade bm9 which I will order I just have to figure if I want the 5 inch or the 9inch barrel. During the reviews are using a foam holder that looked amazing I just ordered two for 34.99 I will definitely check them



Looks interesting. I don’t shoot much from a rest, but that looks pretty handy. Let us know how it works for you.

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If nothing else the cleavage is good while picking your product. (Yes I’m a Dirty Old Sailor and appreciative of the female form)




Be sure to do some thorough research before ordering that BM9. I was on the same path and backed away after uncovering all kinds of problems. I gave the place a call and the guy on the phone could not have been less helpful. I was clearly bother him by trying to be a customer. I know that it is “different” but I ended up with an AK-V…which is heavier, but cooler!

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Really what issues. I’ve watched like 3 reviews and haven’t seen anything too bad

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My range has several of those foam wedge rests. Not sure if the same brand but they work very well

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Just google it…google is your friend.



Took mine to the range for the first time and would constantly get feed jams after one round.

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