Gun bag for storage and transport

I recently purchased a CMMG Banshee in 9mm and am looking for a good transport bag for getting it back and forth to the range. Anyone have any input?


If you like Mariachi style…

… or EMR style…

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Well there’s a lot of great companies out there that have slotted gear bags for both guns and accessories, ammunition, and necessities. One place that immediately comes to mind is the NRA Store. You don’t need to be a member to purchase anything from the store. The address is also as a secondary source. You can email for their regular catalog and they also publish a Tactical Catalog. has nice bags & cases also has what you’re looking for.

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Although I can’t remember where I picked them up (probably local gun store), but the break down shotgun cases were a great size for shorter rifles and bullpups. Here’s a pic of one from Sportman’s Guide (36" x 14 3/8" x 4 5/8"):

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Blackhawk SOCOM pistol case, never leave home without it! Superb durability! Have 2 for a pair of Kimber 45’s for the past twelve years and use them twice a week, they still look brand new. Inside capacity is 6 - 8 round mags, Surfire x300 light, cleaning bore snake, extra springs, gloves, log book and an extra 50 rounds.
Smaller 45’s use 5.11 pistol case.

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Huge fan of GPS Tactical pistol backpacks and cases… durable, well made, and super organized. They have a rifle case, black or tan:
G.P.S. GPS-T42ARB 5267-0019 Tactical AR Case

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I will check them all out.


@Clinton uscca had a really nice logo bag in the online store. They were out of stock but may be back not sure

These days I’m using a range bag (take your pick) that fits an MTM 806 plastic case that can be padlocked to satisfy my State’s law on transporting.
I do not store my pistols in bags or cases of any sort for the long term unless I absolutely have to, as it can trap moisture and cause corrosion, and even then it’ll be of a material that allows the free flow of air, like those bags fly rods come in