Truck Bag

I want to put together a gear bag to keep in my truck. I need something that can function as a back pack and preferably doesn’t look tactical.

I want to throw some emergency gear in it, so if I end up responding to a bad situation I can just grab the bag and know I have everything I need .

I’ve seen a lot on the VertX bags, and they look perfect BUT they are super expensive. I wonder if y’all have any input on this. I don’t plan to use it to conceal firearms, though the option is always nice. Mainly a light strong bag I could grab from my truck in a bad situation.

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Responding to a bad situation? Like, going towards something…?

Or like a “get home bag” (try searching around with that term or “GHB”)?

IMO most prep things that go in a vehicle can just be kept in the vehicle, and don’t necessarily have to go into a worn/carried bag for taking on foot. But, a bag you can take on foot that has the core essentials in it, good idea.

vertx stuff is very well made I’ll tell you that. Mystery Ranch bags are too, but also expensive (and easier to look non-tactical)


Think car wreck, wife calls and one of the kids is really hurt. Your at an event and someone gets really hurt. Decent travel emergency kit/ potentially useful edc gear (flashlight duct tape) that can double as a good spot to put a locked gun when traveling.

I’m not a fan of off body carry, but I don’t mind having the option.

I guess any good backpack would do, but I’d love to hear suggestions from anyone if they have a go to bag.

When I’m closer to home I just use an old day hiking pack someone gave me for xmas. If you aren’t planning on a multi day hike to get home you don’t need that much stuff. Traveling fast and light with the minimum necessary to stay dry, warm and hydrated is a good idea. If you are carrying a lot of gear and water or have a long way to go I would choose a pack with a padded hip belt and some back support to make it more comfortable.

Best bet is to go to an outdoor gear store and try some on to see what is comfortable and if the pockets will organize and carry all the things you want it to. I also look for dull colors (but not tactical black or camo) with no reflective patches or striping.

My work truck on the other hand usually has enough stuff in it to survive in the wilderness for a couple weeks. Longer if I can find more food and water.


It sounds like you want a solid IFAK/individual first aid kit. So tourniquet, gauze, hemostatic gauze, chest seals, Israeli/emergency trauma dressing dressings. And a way to call 911. Possibly survival blanket or casualty blanket or just wool blanket.

North American Rescue
Chinook Med
Dark Angel Medical

And then up from there with other stuff. Seasonal appropriate clothing, water, means to collect/purify water, tiny bit of food, bug spray/sunscreen, comms, nav, it’s a rabbit hole


Like your list. My pack has similar to your kit with some of @Scoutbob ‘s items. I also add a small water filter, water bladder, fire starting gear, spare socks, jacket and a few other items.


@Scoutbob Check out I have several and only had one snap come lose in five years of constant use.


Those are more up my price range :+1:.


dry socks and 800 mg Ibuprofen and you should be good!


I like to hide things in plain sight.


I live in a college town and use a $45 Under Armor Laptop backpack. It has enough pockets to keep my different categories separated and organized, and it blends in perfectly. I have emergency gear, snacks, as well as a backup firearm with extra ammo in it, but no one is the wiser. It is the bag that I take when I am going out for time with the family at the parks, as well as when I am performing my duties as my church’s security.


Nothing tactical about this and you don’t need the truck! Saves on gas too!

On a more serious note, any rugby or sports duffel with logo keeps you looking like the gray man. Durability costs!


@Scoutbob Some ideas for contents of your emergency bag from a pro. :us:
Much of the contents I carry in my bag.
Sam has many vids you may want to watch.


That was a great video. Thank you.
I have to admit I do want one of those VertX bags. Not sure I can justify the $150 though.

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Yaaa… I like quality to but I would rather buy a serviceable bag and fill it with quality gear. :+1:


Went a different direction. Grabbed 2 of these in red for our two vehicles.

IronSeals Tactical Molle Quick Rip-Away Compact EMT Pouch High Capacity Roomy Sturdy Medical First Aid Utility Waist Bag with EMT Shears

I don’t have a lot of space to keep a bag in my truck (two car seats take up the space :joy::rofl:). This will fit perfectly under the back seats. I think I am going to make an EDC back pack, but that will just travel with me, not just stay in the truck.

I like the red because it will be easy to find and easy to tell what it is. Right now our emergency equipment is just in plastic gallon bags.

Trying to keep it simple and affordable.


Curious about the 5.11 Rush 20 bag. It looks kinda tacticool, but I don’t really think it’s really noticeable. I picked one up the other day and it’s very clearly a sturdy hood quality bag. The price for what it is seems fair to me.