Airsoft Sig p365


So, my mom is trying to find an airsoft Sig p365. All we have been able to find is a BB gun. We can’t take a BB gun to the local airsoft place. Does anyone know of any place where we can find an actual airsoft p365?

this one?

It always confuses me… BB vs Airgun… :thinking:

Looks like it, though the caliber is listed as 9, which is what the actual firearm is. The BB gun we got shoots 4mm steel BB’s I believe, as opposed to airsoft pistols I’ve seen that fire plastic balls.

We can use the BB gun for shooting a target taped to a box, but to do more than that, we’d need the airsoft, using the less dangerous munitions.

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OK. So looks, there is no other P365 made.

Sig website shows P365 AIR PISTOL model with caliber 4.5 mm.
When I read articles about this model - everyone are mentioning 4.5mm / 0.177 pellets - so looks this is the only available Air Gun model.

That matches with what I’ve been finding, I was just hoping someone knew something I didn’t. Thank you.