Wanting new sig

So I have had my eye on this gun for a while. A sig p365 NRA Edition I actually had it on lay-a-way at buds but they cancelled it. Unfortunately I had a heart attack and when I recovered and called to pay off they said they cancelled. I was so mad and they didn’t care. So am I looking for gun and I can’t find it now where. By any chance you know an reputable places that have it for a good price

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It states notify when in stock

That’s a nice looking gun :+1:. @DarthJediJohnny hope you’re in good health! Stay safe!

Sry wrong link lol sportsman outdoor superstore has them in stock.

A quick search for the P365 NRA showed THE FOLLOWING ARE IN STOCK:
J & G Sales $589
gunshinearms.com $600 ?
Ellis County Firearms $559
Vance Outdoors in Ohio has in stock but doing in store p/u only @ present $600
there were others I didn’t check. Good luck finding what you want :slight_smile:

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Might check Midway USA. They are trying hard to keep up with demand.

I wish you the best on your health. I picked up a P365 a few months ago. I really like it. I find it to be both dependable and easy to shoot despite it’s small size. I use it as an alternate carry pistol for when my G19 is too big / heavy to work with what I’m wearing. As for source, you might try Odd Brothers Armory. But, I don’t know what their stock levels are like under Covid 19 conditions.

Welcome to the Community, @DarthJediJohnny! I’m so sorry to hear about your heart attack! Glad you’re recovering quickly.

Can Buds order a new one for you? Do you have any local ranges that also sell firearms? They may be able to special order it for you. That may be the easiest way - let them do the searching/ordering for you.

Glad you’re ok!! I hope you find one soon. I had one, reluctantly sold it, the P365 is an awesome little gun and the NRA Edition is very cool. Good luck!

Glad you are doing better. I would try to handle the P365 and the P365 XL if you can. I really like the larger grip frame on the XL.

Love the P365 line though, good luck finding the one you want.

They didn’t really say anything about ordering just that they are sold out. I don’t want to get it anywhere local because I get hit pretty hard in taxes

If I may ask why did you see it

I had went back to carry a larger gun full time and got a good offer for it. Plus my wife also owns a 365 but mostly carries her pepper spray and stun gun so I have access to it pretty much full time. No problem with the actual gun at all.


I’m looking for NRA edition

The company I work for is an FFL. Let me know. We can get you one.

Are you located in Chicago

Even thou gun shine says they have it on their website they don’t have it in stock