Air Pistols?

I don’t have any air pistols myself, but I’m thinking of getting this one!

Do you have an air pistol/BB gun in your collection? Which one(s)?

@Dawn I’ve been waiting for a promotional CO2 pellet pistol from SIG ARMS they were offering in July. I figured I wanted what they were selling so I’m willing to try out this business of a pellet gun being similar weight and functionals as ‘the real deal.’ If it is all that I’ll let you know. Though you may be letting me know before I do… Things like this seem to be slow like Molasses in New Hampshire in the Winter. (The last, just in case someone in SIG Fulfillment drop by for some idle reading.)

OBTW, about what they were selling: The SIG P226 with SRT in 9, 357 SIG, & 40 S&W? R O C K S!
(Like above, just in case someone in SIG Fulfillment…)

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I have an all metal 1911 replica airsoft pistol. Don’t remember who the maker is off the top of my head. It’s not super expensive. I think I paid maybe $30 for it.

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I have a single shot .177 pellet air rifle made by Crossman. It is a breach break to load which also pumps and cocks the weapon. It also came with both open sites and 4x 32 optics. The price at the time was around $165.00

I live in a town of about 10k people and obviously can not discharge a firearm within the city limits.
I also live about 1/2 mile from the river which runs through town. Raccoons, Possums and an occasional skunk finds its way into the neighbor hood looking for food trash left out improperly.

Ill let you put the two together and let you come up with the answer as to why I purchased the air rifle.

I have not regretted my decision.