A 17-year-old girl allegedly gained control of a sheriff’s deputy’s gun and committed suicide with itt

Tragic end for a kid suffering from mental illness.
I feel sorry for the deputy whose firearm caused the girl’s death.

Teachable moment even with limited information but one thing I won’t do is second-guess the deputy.

The deputies walked to the lobby door and the juvenile “lunged into the lobby and reached for the deputy’s holstered firearm and took possession of it,” according to the release.


The gun jumped out of the holster. Defund police again and the ones left over will carry whistles.


Clearly a case of guns killing people!

Ban guns!

Clearly, if the sick people can get a gun from an officer, the public can’t possibly be trusted with them!!!

Ban the evil boom sticks!!!

It’s for your own protection!

Trust us we are from the government! :wink:


On a serious note.

My condolences go out to the officers involved in this incident.

Those that truly want to die will find a way to make it happen.

It would be better if they were considerate enough to not involve someone else in such a manner.


I wonder what type of retention the deputy had on their holster? If you know how retention systems work on holsters they are fairly easy to defeat. But how many teens are aware that most LEO holsters have them?

Add this to the list of reasons why I prefer to carry concealed and why I believe armed teachers in a classrooms full of kids should be properly trained, especially in weapon retention techniques.


I agree with you, After 25+ years as a career Para-medic in a major city, I came to the conclusion that if you are serious about committing suicide you will succeed, if not on the first attempt but the 2nd.


Sounds like mandatory training
Not good… not good…


After all it is Los Angeles.


I believe the thinking here was now the family can sue the police.


I see you decided to put your flame proof suit on when you got out of bed this morning;)

I believe there are some settings that require some extra requirements and restrictions. I doubt anyone here believes family members should be allowed to carry firearms into a prison when visiting their criminal relatives.

But for most settings I believe mandatory training requirements are being used much more as an infringement on people’s right to carry than as a tool to actually increase public safety.

Much better in my mind to require kids to get firearm safety training in school and offer cheap or free training to adults so as many people as possible can be properly trained without infringing on their rights unnecessarily.


Not mandatory to carry, but mandatory training to be around children. I wouldn’t want today’s teacher to be around my grand kids armed and untrained.
The responsible ones would get training on their own accord.
It’s the he/she or non-binary that I would be wary of.
But yes they need training, and it should be mandatory.


Why sue the Police? Sue the holster’s manufacturer.


Good point.
I guess whoever has deeper pockets


I’m sure the ambulance chasing lawyers are already circling! The deputy could even sue the teen’s parents.


I decided to hear valued explanation from other members.
I’ve been reading dozens times “say no to gun control” every time I discussed firearm training.
Reading post like yours I know my thinking is correct, I just haven’t known how to put it into proper words.


It doesn’t matter around whom.
I don’t want anyone to shoot my kids … and I don’t want anyone to shoot my wife or me.
Negligence doesn’t choose the place.
Training is a way to gain a knowledge and improve skills of handling and use the tools. It doesn’t apply to schools only.


Twelve years ago I was one of a few parents whom patrol the halls of the Middle School my two son attended! With the permission of the local Sheriff and the Principal of the school!! A couple of us are still members of the safety group at our Church!!!


So, the deceased thought to herself;

“I know how to help my family out! I’ll steal that cops gun and kill myself so they can sue the cops!!!”

I lost a good friend to suicide back in 2013, he had guns, but didn’t use them.

He chose to idle his truck in the garage while his wife was on a work trip.

No mess for his wife to clean up, no risk to anyone else in the home (was just the two of them). Just air out the garage and move the body.

That was more my sentiment with that statement.

Stealing the cops gun and offing herself is going to have a deep impact on that officer.

Same as if someone steps into traffic, the driver of the car that kills them was just having a normal day, and bam! Just got involved in another humans death.

Any way one looks at it, suicide is an extremely selfish act, and is a very permanent solution to what is most likely only a temporary problem.


You are absolutely right, HOWEVER, there are those 4 tricky words “shall not be infringed”
Which is why training about gun safety and later on how to aim , how to hold the gun etc. should be taught starting in grade school. The Constitution reinforces our right to keep and bear arms. And you can’t really mandate training to purchase a gun, so the education should be taught in schools. Along with reading writing and arithmetic.


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

That is a Truism. And the companion of ‘if people want to kill somebody they
have a better than average chance of succeeding’ also. A DEDICATED ATTACKER
can find the chink in the armor of somebody’s security because no security is perfect.
And THAT is why training is so important. Can’t be said enough if SA: Situational Awareness
is applied you ‘may’ not have the situation occur like what happened to this Deputy.
I too feel for the Deputy, someone died on his watch, with his firearm, Terrible.
BUT I feel for the Woman who was suffering from Mental Illness and thought this
was her only way out.
Not to bash anybody here EXCEPT the .gov. There is NO where for the Ill to turn.
The Fed’s have closed down a lot of facilities where the sick could have gotten help.
New York City is a perfect example. The Subway is a good way to die. It’'s a host people
committing crime yes, but a large number of Mentally challenged reside down there
They are the people who push Business people, People on phones, children onto the tracks for no reason. Insane acts of violence and depravity. They like the American Homeless are FORGOTTEN. Like the Veterans, and the Elderly. This is the Leftist Society they created and people are dying.
(so ends rant for the morning, New rant for the afternoon in 5, 4, 3, 2,…
The Question that SCREAMS to me though is ‘How did she get the Piece?’
I was never an LE, But an LE from my understanding has to have a Level 3 Holster?
With a button to release the gun and a safety hoop over the top of the weapon to
prevent such an occurrence. Any Cops want to chime in here?
My Level 3 Holster(s) are Idiot proof. If both safeties are engaged you’d have to break the Gun/Holster from the duty belt and still couldn’t get to my trigger. The Top hoop is easily defeated but the ‘side button’ needs to be hit to release the weapon. A Civilian wouldn’t just ‘Know this’.
You can’t just grab the weapon and upholster it. NO safety on the piece? Not engaged?
Were the two safeties on the holster NOT engaged ?
Was it a Leather rig used and the strap not secured? It happens…
I have those questions when I hear something like this.
I got pulled over the other day (I mentioned it on another thread here yesterday)
When The LE SAW I wasn’t a Threat to him , I saw him , push the Glock down into the holster
and heard the audible ‘click’ of it locking, then he raised the hoop over the firearm.
If I tried to take that firearm away from him (first of all I am coming at him from the front
and these holsters are designed to defeat that attempt. Was this guy so cocky his Awareness
was out to lunch?