5.56 ammo available

Freedom Munitions has 5.56 available. Still no 9mm or .380.



Not sure if it’s still available, but this was an option this morning

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Isn’t that kind of expensive… I got mine for 36 cents per round. 55gr., brass casing, not reman.

I thought it was a little expensive too, but, just go looking for primers or good 6.5 mm match bullets, none to be had unless your willing to spend on the expensive stuff nobody wants to pay for!

Does anyone have a carbine that shoots 55 grain ball in something that could be honestly called a group? I’ve had no luck shooting factory 55 grain out of carbine length barrels.

Even the 55 grain ball comes in a lot of different flavors. If you take some apart you will find ball powder in some, stick or flake powder in others, you will also find flat base bullets, and boat tail bullets, and different bullet profiles. They do not all shoot the same, not by a long shot. My efforts would center around different ammunition options. Hornady, ( I think), may have some ammo suitable for a shorter barrel, if you can get any. I researched this because of a mini-14 that seemed erratic, that is until I realized how many different makes of ammunition I had been shooting from it. Finding a good fit, and sticking with that, as opposed to shooting what ever was on hand, much improved the groupings i could get.

Edit : you might even try .223 remington ammunition in it. I know of one 5.56 that shot 55 grain federal .223 Remington economy box ammunition extremely well.

Midway had green tip yesterday afternoon and I got some. There were about 6 other places that had it.

Ah the good ol days @Danny28…remember when you could get brass case 5.56 new for .32 cents a round?

Yeah, I remember January too…


We can only hope those “good ole days” will return.:smile: