Ammo elitist or whatever is on sale

There must be dozens of brands of ammo. I always buy the brands I know, Remington, Winchester, Sig etc. Always new brass in 9mm and 38spl. Am I missing good deals by passing on remans and unknown brands? Which to avoid??


@Rick73 Even with the “unknown brands” you can check on You Tube and other gun sites for opinions and tests or ask here.
I just purchased 500 rds. of Barnaul 115 grn. 9mm for a, these days “good” price. I have shot a lot of Russian
ammo without any real problems ,I have 2 new shooters and ammo is scarce in my area.
I posted in another thread about the “Pile of Smaug” :dragon: I have ammo from 20 different makers and several countries, they all have gone bang with reasonable accuracy. For CC I try to use new factory ammo from brand names but in the end I will use what I have.
I recently bought 7 boxes of 3 in. #4 buckshot for $7.00 a box, I didn’t need it but it was to good a deal to pass up and I can help others.
I would stay away from reloads unless you know and trust the loader, seen mostly at gun show’s here.
So these days if you see a good deal you should buy it, especially for practice.
Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :us:


Any branded ammo is good. Any reloaded ammo is good as well if you trust the Company or person who reloads.

The question is how much do you want to risk using using “non brass” case.

In my case - I do not trust STEEL casing, so TULAMMO is the first stuff I’m avoiding… however if there will be nothing else available… better have this than nothing.
Reloads… I’m trying to avoid, however so far the only manufacturer that gave me a troubles was: “US Cartridge”.

These are examples of “strange” manufacturers, who turned to be a great ones:

  • Sarsilmaz
  • ZQI
  • GECO
  • Aguila
  • Prvi Partizan

my experience…agree with Jerzy on Geco and the Prvi…the geco 9 came in small boxes as well which I like. My PPU 9 is NATO…and actually, that’s a can that won’t get opened for a few more years most likely, but the .308 and .45acp of there’s has been good.
Seilor and Beilot…spelling?..anyways, case of 1200 fps 9mm has been all of that, just about NATO ooomph, clean and reliable.
Freedom Munitions…I’ve bought $6800 of their stuff over the years, back when 5.56 was a quarter, 9 mm was 16-18cents, and got some blemished 168grain Amax .308 for 50 cents a round that got me .4 (yes, point four) moa a few days out of my Ruger Precision…new or reloads, never had an issue with their ammo.
Igman…bought a couple thousand rounds of surplus 5.56, shot 1400 of it so far. Good ammo, though hard primers. No issue with my AR’s or mini 14, but my Mossberg MVP won’t set it off sometimes.
PMC…just have their .308 I think…no issue though haven’t shot any of it for a couple years
IMI…got a lot of their 7.62x51, 9mm defense (razorcore) and 5.56…not my favorite, seems a bit down on power, but it is reliable. My son just had a training class and had 6 ftf’s with his batch of IMI, guessing it was a 750 round course…sooo, maybe not so reliable. Could be his gun, but guessing he was using his Daniel Defense, maybe it just got dirty. I’ve had no issue with IMI firing.
Malaysian Surplus 7.62x51/ Hirtenberger surplus 7.62x51…oh gawd I love this stuff…the Malaysian is from '82-'86, in cans; the Hirtenberger from the '70’s, battle packs…A real step up from the IMI imo…and gets my M1a feeling happy.


I typically use Winchester train and defend 147 9mm or S&B 124 &147 9mm new. All my defense rounds are Winchester LE 147 JHP.

I like some reloads from local re-loader for the range.


I use the same I believe, the Winchester Ranger LE 147+p? Smooth ammo, feels like .45acp to me. Bought a case of 500, great deal off a few years back. Opened it up, shot some, bought another case.


I usually stick to Winchester for most of my training, and Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown for defense ammo. Of course, if I see some quality ammo on sale, I don’t pass it up.

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Strictly. Federal or Hornady.

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Anything available for range time. Underwood, for carrying.

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If it shoots I will use about anything at the range. For Hunting or EDC I tend to be a lot more picky.

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Federal has had some availability on their site. I just got 8 boxes of 9mm FMJ. They limit to 4 boxes so I bought 4 Federal and 4 American Eagle. Love it for the range.

I also have some 22lr coming from them. I just oredered that the other day so probably still a few weeks before I get.


Don’t care for steel cased much. Fond of most of the ammo listed above. I do like freedom munitions & lax mostly new but have run some of their reloads…

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