#47 Donald John Trump

What ideas would you like to have done in his first 100 days of office.


Get the economy steamrolling again. Start pumping oil. Clean up the White House and government in general. Clean up the ABC agencies. Fry those who tried to destroy our country.
The list goes on and on and on… I don’t think 4 years is enough. Find and get elected a suitable replacement to carry on. MAGA… :us:


Undo his own bump stock ban


Replace Attorney General Merrick B. Garland.


Close the border completely and deport every single illegal invader. No mercy.


free haircut for everyone?

With politics…I don’t like dreaming before it comes real …


He hasn’t impressed me as the kind of person who admits to his own mistakes so I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

Also wouldn’t count on him or any of the other kleptocrats out there working quickly to end the out of control deficit spending, start paying down the massive debt, fixing our broken medical system, and the broken immigration system, restoring our right to privacy by punishing all the three letter agencies (plus the people and corporations) that have been violating it for decades, as well as start shoring up and protecting our crumbling infrastructure.

Those are just a few of the things that should have been getting fixed decades ago. But none of those problems can now be fixed in 100 days by even the best, brightest and most morally upstanding people on the planet. They certainly won’t be fixed by the two options we are going to be presented with again this year, even if you gave them 100 years to do it.

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I think ALL of buffalo girls rant list would be an excellent starting point.

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Not sure what list you are referring to? If you are making a social media related or pop culture reference those are just way out of my wheel house.

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Agenda 47, President Trump’s campaign promises! The list, is a list of some of Trump’s best promises! So a woke female in Buffalo post this list on social media to make Trump look bad!! But instead, it became the best campaign ad ever for Trump!!!


Thanks for that info. I have spent exactly zero minutes over the past several years watching random people who I have never heard of rant in videos on social media.


Let’s not do the same for Biden


Replace anyone who isn’t an intelligent patriot, to start.


Purge the fbi, atf, irs, dept of state, criminalize democraps and deport.deport.deport

  1. Put Jeni’s Ice Cream out of business. :wink:

I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts. Renewing/freeing our energy base to get the economy going again and shutting down our border while working on a mass deportation plan would be #1 and #2.

#3, #4 and #5 would be putting China, Russia and Iran on notice that their aggressions will cease immediately while sanctions are being renewed. If their behavior continues then crippling sanctions will follow quickly.

#6 UN told to hit the road! Take that $hit somewhere else!

#7 NATO members thanked for their efforts to expand membership in Trumps absence and then freeloading members told to pony up their 2% GDP or risk being DE-MEMBERED.

#8 Begin dismantling the bureacracy of all 3 letter agencies and find field agents to lead each with a minimum of staffing. PUT THE GUYS DOING THE WORK IN CHARGE.

These should keep him busy the first 100 days.

Right now I also agree he needs to decide his second in command that will continue Make America Great Again policy. He also must be very careful in picking a cabinet of TRUE PATRIOTS.

Isn’t it strange how MAGA somehow has been sickly twisted to mean something negative? Tells me a lot about the other sides agenda.

As far as those who tried, I pause…it truly pi$$ed me off watching it unfold… as it does to this day…Clapper and Brennan are top of list…


I have been hearing 1. Kristy Noem (my pick), 2. Lauren Bobert. :us:




Use existing laws to prosecute AND punish firearms related crimes.

By the way, all those whiney politicians who rue “loopholes in the laws” are the very people who wrote those laws. Hold their feet to the fire!