2022 expo

Why is there no events scheduled yet? Is it just to early for venders and presenters to commit?


Great question!

Currently, our events team is working with our partners and vendors to finalize those details and the schedule for classes and presentations throughout the weekend.

All of those will be posted on the USCCA Expo website as soon as they are completed. Check that out here: https://www.usccaexpo.com/

Are you planning on joining us at the Expo this year?

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Been kinda wondering the same thing?
Gotta make room reservations, and plan to meet up with other members for fun and chat.


Was thinking about it after the covid cancelation, I think two years now. Last year I was disappointed about the previous year. Was looking into it again and am concerned that there is no venders or presentations. You do realize that is second weekend of deer camp in northern MN. Might be a conflict, will see. Would like to meet some of you guys face to face. Will keep checking. Thanks for the information.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a community booth to promote the community and get to actually meet some of these interesting people that are in the community.


They did have a cool community booth last year and Dawn was there every day. It was great to meet up with her the first time and a few other folks.

It’d be great to have some meals, coffee, get together with others here in the community.

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I am coming down looking at homes next month from Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

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Awesome, if you’re going to be in the central part, hill country, west of austin north of san antonio, I can welcome you to Texas with lunch.

Weren’t you a chef and would still be looking for a job in that line of work, or were you retiring?

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I am a chef now, but my body is about toast! If I find a place, I will have to find something else to do.

Well, when you head this way, let me know if you want and we can touch base with each other.
I think I PM’d a bunch of links to land and such for sale in this area in the past, let me know if you need any of that info again.

Do we have to register? Or just show up. I don’t see anywhere to register on the expo site.

Not to be a grammar nazi but it’s “too early “. But a good question.

1st of August. Any advancement on seminars?

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So…quit. was understood by everyone .

Last I saw it was still a free country and was trying to be polite about. Not so sure about you

Events are scheduled and on the Expo website. Check them out here: 2022 USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Expo | November 11th - 13th | Fort Worth, TX

As of August 1, 2022, the only activities listed are marked as PAID COURSE. Will there be any open access free seminars during the Expo? I compare this to the NRA Expo in the same Fort Worth convention center in 2019, which had a ton of top level free seminars.


Good point, currently the only schedule is for the paid classes at the Expo. I will try to find out when the free seminars will be posted and get back to you!


Im going