"1984" Is this anyone elses first thoughts?

Without reading the article (see below) 1984 is the first thing that came to my mind.


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Oh definitely! I’ve always assumed that my driver’s license picture was in some massive data base for facial recognition.

I’m not surprised at all.

In many cases reality is only about 20-40 years behind cutting edge science fiction. Once we made it to the “information age” and the speeds afforded by fiber optics this was inevitable.

The courts have firmly established that we have no expectation of privacy in the public domain and when you combine that with high tech the surveillance state is what logically follows.

Just like you fight fire with fire, fight AI with AI.

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Which won’t work in trying to defeat facial recognition programs because instead of looking for or at a whole person, it focuses solely on the face.

It will still work, since the software has to find your face in the picture. So while the DMV info has just your face, the security camera at Wal-Mart has a wide angle that requires it to pick your body and then your face to do the match. If there is a weakness it is the “patch” has to know which type of algorithm is being used, so you may require multiple patches.

The tricky part here is the use of the DMV info. The IL Secretary of State has blocked the FBI from scanning the IL DMV info, but IL is now offering REAL ID driver’s licenses which means the TSA has the DMV info. How long till the FBI finds a reason to get access to the TSA info and fill in the gaps in their facial recognition DB?

And all they have to do is use only shots or edit them to shoulders and above to circumvent the problem this one AI has.

It’s flaw is in first looking for a whole person then the face, start with the face and that issue is solved.

I finally read 1984 a few years ago. Box after box was checked off mentally compared to today. Ministry of Truth for state controlled media, and law enforcement being called the Ministry of Love was a real knee slapper for me. PC today is real close to Mind Speak in the book.


There are already surveillance programs that are being developed to make identifiers out of peoples stance, gait, posture and mannerisms, etc so facial recognition is only the beginning. Cameras, cameras everywhere is now a reality. I remember I read somewhere that the average person is either photographed or video taped 200 times per day. Think of where you go throughout your average day and smile your on camera or video.

The uniqueness of gait and stride is very interesting and from what I’ve read so individualized as to almost be as reliable as fingerprints.

Well since the TSA is part of Homeland security, and the real I’d is being used to I’d you as a legitimate US or State citizen. They have the information at the first use for travel, circumventing the states’ blockage of access.

That’s what they used on Bin Laden prior to the raid, as well as calculating the height from satellite no less. That and a lot of circumstantial evidence. Fascinating.