1911 wpon't eject magazine empty or full

I Have a Tisas 1911 .45ACP Turkish made and have had this problem almost from the first day. It won’t eject the magazine after fireing or even when the mag is full. It is a cheap pistol which may be part of the problem and it doesn’t seem to matter what magazine I use Kimber, McCormick, Mec-Gar. A good cleaning helps for a minute. Any idea what I can do?


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Brownells is always helpful. :us:


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This video was very helpful thank you



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I have a finicky Para 1911 that will not eject Mil Spec magazines. I appreciate you starting the thread, Now I’m doubling back to the videos!


BRUCE26 posted a great video actually 2 of em


Now, proceed with caution.

The video is about “accessorizing” your 1911.

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One other thing you may wish to check since you said it got better with cleaning is your trigger bow. The bow is the part that slides back and forth inside the mag well to operate the trigger. If you lock the slide back and look from the magazine well up to the chamber you will see the groove for the trigger bow on both sides. If you see part of the bow hanging out into the mag well AT ALL, it’s wrong. I’ve seen 1911’s develop issues when crud, gunk shmutz and even packing grease have gotten into the trigger bow ways and forced the center of the trigger bow into the magazine well causing hang ups. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trigger bow way miss machined but it could happen.

Detail strip the gun and pull the trigger out. The bow should be straight and parallel on both sides when laid on its side. Optimally you want it to float in the ways where the trigger and the back of the bow are the only things touching the frame.

Scrubby both the ways with a tooth brush to ensure there is nothing in the ways.




Good info man I’ll check it out thanks :+1:


if the trigger bow is misshaped brownells has a tool for straightening it…

our you can always purchase a new tirgger…


I would suggest to do field strip, remove the grip panels and make pistol’s frame a good 1 hr bath in 90% rubbing alcohol.
Then using toothbrush clean whole area inside the magwell, especially magazine catch and trigger bow spots.

Cheap manufacturers use rust prevention grease when the firearm leaves factory. This may still sit in grooves and notches.

If this won’t help, go with already posted advices and be sure magazine catch and trigger bow are correctly positioned.

You can also try to use paint marker which will show the areas that are rubbing between each other. That way you will see what can cause the problem.


Could be the grip screws in too much. Remove the grips and see if that does the trick.

I no longer have 1911s but when I did I changed the grips on one and the screws set in just a tad too deep and kept the magazine from dropping. I can’t remember the size but I got a packet of o-rings from the plumbing isle at Lowe’s that also kept the screws from working loose.

PS UPDATE: #60 from Lowe’s. If you go to a hardware store they should be 1/8x1/16.


I have replaced some grips on 1911’s for thinner grips and suggest if you change grips compare the 2…

thinner grips require shorter screws and such which I got from Brownells’ BTW…

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SMH wpon’t fireing

Did you ever get it fixed?

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