1911 jamming

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I just bought my first 1911. I noticed sometimes when I go to load the first round it jams. I pretty much have to finesse the round in. It’s a Rock Island. But other than that I love it.


You have just found the reason: Rock Island Armory.

If you are familiar with simple gunsmith work, you can work on it.
Otherwise shoot as much as you can. It will eventually smoothen out.

Anyway, congratulations on your RIA 1911.


@Chanthala Here is a video to show you how to polish a feed ramp, I had to do the same with my Taurus 1911. :+1:


Ammo issue? Breaking in period? IDK. I had similar issues, but not with a 1911.


Grain weight, FMJ, JHP, size of the opening in the JHP, copper, lead, brass, nickel plated, cleaned, oiled? Some models have a sweet spot Goldilocks ammo preference. Cross reference reviews, YouTube, contact the manufacturer to ask?

Good luck.

— signed Amateur


suggestion is to run a lot of FMJ or TFC through it… NOT hollow points or lead!

and alternate method is to take a wooden dole and very fine sand paper and work the feed ramp GENTLY…

smooth it out best you can and then try the loading and see if it still sticks…

OH BTW the dole and sand paper work best IF you disassemble the firearm :grinning:


I’m still new to the handgun world since this actually my first handgun and I carry it. It’s a little big for conceal but I manage. So what are the abbreviations stand for the rounds your specifying? Thanks for the suggestions maybe will give a try if after putting 100s of rounds thru it don’t fix the issue. Thank you.


Wishing you safe “handling” in your journey.

FMJ - full metal jacket, many are more rounded nose, some claim feeds through and cycles more smoothly, but may over penetrate if a higher caliber.

JHP - jacket hollow points, hollow points, some claim they can cause a jam more easily because they are not as smooth curved shaped, though less chance of over penetrating, being aware they cause more damage to the body targeted.

1911 - Don’t own one currently, but studying them, one other characteristic I like about them are those which comes with a safety, such as manual thumb lever safety, or grip safety. Not sure if you are into loading one in the chamber or not, a very personal decision, a few other posts herein discuss it, a serious topic in terms of safety, accidents, or if one feels the need to be that much more prepared per se.

Abbreviations -

Safety at home with your firearm first, education and training first. Until you have met someone in person who’s told you their safety story, you may need to do a lot of reading or viewing safety tapes.

I’m a huge fan of safety/chamber flags. Some range stores sell them. Amazon had some yellow and red ones. I liked the yellow ones, not bought the red one yet. $1.35 for one, saves a life, limb, and/or a world of hurt. Bought a few for all those close to me - who “own”.

USCCA store has barrel blocks, which I prefer over flags, so I got some of those too, they are great. Though for calibers smaller than .380, the flags worked well, found some yellow and red ones on Amazon. I oil them for a smoother fit.

Best to you - friend.


truncated metal cone hmm… flat point but basically a FMJ…

other info… hope this helps as most listed are a link to the ammo type…