1911 vs 2011

I saw just last week, on USCCA forums somewhere, “2011” in a 1911 post.
Have to say I found myself using google as a result.

So, from google it seemed the difference between a 1911 and a 2011 is that 2011’s are double stack, 1911 style frame pistols, with double stack mags, and there are more frame + grip parts. On the outside they seem to look mostly like a thick 1911…differences mostly internal and magazine size related.

Am I correct that STI is the only “2011” manufacturer?

And, FTR, being an old school type AND 1911 “snob,” I dont like the 2011’s I’ve seen thus far
If I wanted a double stack 45, I’d look for a used Para…

Ok, adios that is all :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know there was a such thing as a 2011. I think I’ve seen double-stack 1911s from Rock Island Armory but I could be wrong about that.

Bottom line… I don’t own a 1911 but I like them. I can’t get past the takedown/disassembly. All those I’ve shot (in 9mm & 45 acp) were great though.

Not sure if “2011” is a trademark, but that is particular to STI and SVI. In the STI case, it uses a steel frame insert and polymer “grip”.

There are other double stack “1911” makers. Kimber did at one time, not sure if they do. Wilson Combat, Rock Island, Para (now Remington). Probably a few more I am not thinking of.

Thicker magazines, trigger bow, magazine catch, and safety I think. The other parts are usually regular 1911 (sear, etc).

2011 used to be a reserved for STI, but not anymore.
The difference is that 2011 has modular frame (2 pieces) and 1911 has one piece frame.
2011 is lighter than 1911 and still have better recoil management.

From shooting perspective - 2011 is nicer and smoother than double stack 1911.
Additionally in 2011 whole grip can be replaced when 1911 allows to change side panels only.
Unfortunately 2011 costs double price of double stack 1911 … :pensive:

K, well like the “medium age” guy I am, I gotta say that I’m pretty sure I’d prefer my single stack 1911. This 2011 name i simply dont like.
They, whomever “they” may be, need to be more original in naming their pistol IMO.
2011 is just confusing for people.

My 5" 1911 fits my hanf, has 9 rounds with one chambered, carries well for ME using IWB from clingerholsters, and I can consistently put all 9 rounds into a 5 inch ring at 7 yards in 5-6 seconds after having taken aim and readied…
All boxes for a CCW pistol are therefore checked.
That said, I’ll admit to similar shooting, more rounds, using my P365XL backup. Still, i prefer my steel 1911. To me it simply looks better (classic) and since carry/draw performance due to its size isnt a problem, i see no reason to change my primary carry choice.

Anyway, now I know. STI AND SVI, both of which sound like diseases IMO, make 2011’s, which seems to me to be them attempting to improve on Browning’s design, upon which no improvement is needed.

Thx for the responses.

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STI and SVI are related of sorts, there is a story there. Also, there are a lot of custom gunsmiths that buy them and then customize them for customers.

They do make single stack 1911 guns, very nice ones too.

I believe that most of the draw to the 2011 is to the Action Pistol games such as IDPA, USPSA, 3gun etc. Could you use them for carry? Sure!


Classy 2011:


CC 2011 (single stack):


The staccato c is a very nice shooting STI.



I wrote some history of this on another thread, but the 2011 very much came out of the IPSC world and its love affair with 1911-pattern guns.


NightHawk Customs has a wide body (double stack) pistol. Many of the parts are manufactured by STI. I have a STI 10 MM wide body weapon, very flat, fast shooting and extremely will made unit


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Being a 1911 guy I actually kind of like the 2011 moniker to differentiate the two frames for the same pattern gun. Kinda like M-16 and AR-15. That being said the first 2011 I can recall was a Para back in the late 80’s but there are several platforms that have double stack mags not on the 1911 pattern, XD and EAA Witness (CZ-75 clone) come to mind as I have both.




1993 - Strayer-Tripp International, known as STI designed a modular hi-capacity 1911 frame.
1994 - Patent for the 2011 modular grip was published (expired in 2016).

This is quite interesting history. STI and SVI… different names, same people…


If I remember the story correctly (and I very well may not), Michael Voigt was the first major IPSC Pro to adopt and promote the STI frame. When Strayer and Tripp had a falling out, Strayer and Voight partnered to create a competing company offering complete firearms based on the same design (as Strayer and Tripp co-owned the patent rights). So basically (at the time) you had STI making frames and doing custom gunsmithing and SVI making complete guns both based on the same design,


@Harold26 - :+1: you get it right !

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