10 Shootings in 24 hours In New York City & They Have Extreme Gun Control Laws


It just goes to show how well gun control works, you don’t need an ID to vote, all you need to do is touch a gun, become a felon, and you get to vote! I never heard so many morons in one state, New York, Chicago et al are blood thirsty psychos, led by blood thirsty politicians!
You will NEVER fix stupid, we can talk till we are blue in the face! They get what they deserve! Let it burn!


As I stated in another tread, and they want to defund the police. Never thought this would ever happen. God help us.


At least we are not bored. As I watch and listen about all the violence taking place around the world, I can only think, the first one to nuke is the winner. We are coming too close to this scenario.
“want to play a game”? “How about Global Thermonuclear War?”
This administration is letting all this happen, I thought we were supposed to protect people, that’s what our whole Constitution was geared towards! I feel so much better now that the administration “condemned” the war in Israel! This administration is typical “arsonist/firefighter!
I’m sure we will all remember where we were when this happens!

My biggest fear is not being at ground zero and knowing that this country will not respond, even if it happens in Washington DC! They’ll just say we need more rocket control and throw money at the mushroom cloud! I’ll bet my life on that response!


As we all know it’s not about firearm laws or safety it’s about control…