10 dead, 15 hospitalized in Canada mass stabbing attacks, police say

10 dead passes the “mass” killing threshold by what, 6 or is it 7 under the revised definition?

Will Trudeau now ban knife sales?


Really sad story. Maybe he’ll ban bad guys. That’ll stop it.


Nope, Fake News, we’ve already been told. America is where all of the violence is, there is NO Violence in Canada or Europe. This simple can’t occur north of the border aaaa unless, they were Americans… Yea That’s it… Americans that crossed the border to spread the violence that only occurs in America by Americans.


They must have been using ghost assault knives. No way they could harm that many people with regular knives.

It is inexcusable that the Canadian government does not allow anyone to carry firearms for self defense. If they did maybe one of these 25 victims could have saved themselves and potentially a whole lot of other people. I’m sure these mass murderers felt pretty confident that none of their victims would be able to defend themselves.


It was the vehicle’s fault, the color and it’s name says it all, “Police believe they may be driving a black Nissan Rogue.” Who else, but a criminal would drive a vehicle like that?


Dear Nissan. Incoming lawsuit likely. Sorry.


We must ban all black SUVs immediately. They have features including wheels and a motor that can be used by criminals to commit crimes. Current owners of these assault vehicles (AVs) will be grandfathered in but must pay a tax stamp and register with local law enforcement authorities.

Owners of other vehicles will allow this to happen because they feel they are safe with their other colored and types of vehicles . It won’t be till the last Prius has been confiscated that people realize the slippery slope that started here today. I’d put a winky face here but Im not so sure this is out of the realm of possibility.

Seriously though. How long before Trudeau follows England’s lead and starts banning law abiding citizens from carrying knives and other pointy objects?


On the topic of knives. I was at the county fair yesterday. The website said weapons of any kind were prohibited so I left my firearm and folding pocket knife behind. Pepper Spray was also prohibited apparently. But the guy in front of me had no problem walking past security with his 6” or so sheathed knife. The security guard asked him how long the blade was but the guy just ignored him and walked through. Later I saw a guy with an obvious machete handle sticking completely out of the top of his pack. The cops wandering around the fair either didn’t notice or didn’t care as I saw him an hour later with his machete still in place. I also saw a bunch of people with sheathed folding knives on their belts. So I guess pocket knives were allowed? I’d also be surprised if there weren’t a whole bunch of people carrying concealed firearms.

If you are going to tell people they don’t have the right to defend themselves at your public venue then you should at least make a serious attempt to ensure armed criminals can’t walk right in.


It is all academic.


I was at an event several years ago, and as we were on line to enter, there was a sign stating no weapons, including pocket knives. As we were staying in town and we walked a half hour to get there, I was not going to do that. I saw they were actually wanding the men, but I tucked my pocket knife behind my belt buckle. They did not even wand the crotch area, so I had no issue. They peeked inside my wife’s pocketbook, but did not wand that, either. Security theater at it’s finest. Slows down entry, but does nothing for actual safety. Bigger question, why bother?


"2 suspects wanted after 10 dead, 15 injured in stabbing spree across Saskatchewan, Canada


Maybe, but rapier-like wit will definitely be outlawed.


My pocket knife isn’t a weapon. I use it for cutting apples, bread, cheese. I use it for opening packages and cutting string. It’s a tool. I’ve never used it to harm anyone, defensively or offensively.

If John Wick can use a pencil, or in the real world, Theodore Streleski can use a hammer to kill someone, it’s clear pretty much anything can be contrived to be a weapon.


The whole thing is very sad. Tragic.


They already found one, dead.

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Yes, my pocket knife isn’t a “weapon”, but if that is all one has… improvise…


Geographically speaking, that includes Canada. :wink:


I’ll never understand why politicians refuse to target criminals. Seems like you’d get to the root of the problem right there.


Fighting criminals is difficult, because they don’t obey the laws and don’t respect authority.
It’s much easier to crack down on law-abiding citizens.

This also explains a lot of the gun laws in the U.S. We can’t stop the bad guys, so lawmakers will show how tough they are by treating the good guys like villains.