Recent Canadian Murder Spree

Our hearts go out to our neighbors to the north. It is a terrible tragedy from an evil individual.
The following is a quote from the AP and the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau:
"Trudeau asked the media to avoid mentioning the name of the assailant or showing his picture.
“Do not give this person the gift of infamy,” he said. (Trudeau)
End quote.

IMO. This, once again, will take away the blame on the criminal and most likely be blamed on the firearm. I understand you don’t want to put the person on a pedestal, but put the blame where it belongs. Point out the evil in this world.
Agree… disagree?


@TexasEskimo - I disagree with you. I think the onus is placed where the media places it, not where the onus belongs. I agree that we should not publicize the perpetrators of these tragedies.


Don’t they have gun control up there?


Why, yes. Yes, they do.


His name and face are already all over the news agencies. :roll_eyes:


Which is my point. They will blame it only on the gun, not the person responsible. I know of no one that glorifies a mass killer. No one. But then, I do not know any criminals… people that obviously could care less about gun control laws.


I agree and disagree. I agree that the person needs to be named but i think it should be done wisely so the name and face are more memorable then the victims who were murdered.


You would think that Canada would be the poster Child for the Anti Second Amendment progressive socialists. They have to register to buy a gun. Then they have to register the gun they buy. The government determines what guns can be bought and limits the number of bullets that can be loaded into a magazine. Ten for an approved pistol and 5 for a approved rifle. To top it off you have to apply for a license or permit to buy ammunition. and it can take 28 days before you can use that permit. I can almost hear the music in a anti 2nd amendment persons playing “Sweet Mysteries of life.” when they think of Canada’s gun laws.

Thank goodness they haven’t gone all the way and disarmed the police. Other wise there would have been nothing to stop such shooters from doing whatever they want.

That my friends is why we need the Second amendment. So there is someone to stop such actions when the are no police around to rescue you. Yes I might get shot anyway but not without a small cloud of cordite wafting from my direction.


Colion Noir has checked in… Trudeau and the Canadian government have an indirect hand in the amount of carnage by not allowing citizens to arm themselves. This whole event was over 12 hours long. Where was the government protection that was promised?


And Trudeau is already talking about more gun control. Why not, since their current system worked so well.


Got this from a previous post a while back…


One thing that has not been mentioned here yet is the fact that the murderer was dressed as a LEO. How many of those victims opened their doors for their killer? Before opening the door make sure you know who you are dealing with even going as far as calling the police and asking if they sent an officer to your house.